Friday, November 22, 2013

Iconic Omissions

So some of you may know I have been on a Hearthstone kick lately. If you don't have beta or do and have yet to try it out I would recommend it. I was surprised at how much I have enjoyed it. With that in mind and it being Friday I decided to go with a submission from Dashakn for the Reader Post, who has some interesting ideas for cards which are not yet in the game which are of the iconic nature.

I love hearthstone. Why else would I keep playing? To me there is nothing more badass than hearing Illidan say "hello again, brother". And that along with warlocks not having "fear" got me thinking. What are some awesome iconic WoW or warcraft spells that are not yet in the game? And what would they do in the game in your opinion? Remember, some of these might very well be overpowered/underpowered, as these are just ideas. But still fun to come up with.


Fandral Staghelm: possible hero replacement similar to Jaraxxus.

Druid of the talon: low power/mana minion with option (like druid of the claw) to either gain 1 spellpower, or freeze an enemy minion(entangling roots/cyclone).


Stampede: 5-6 create 3 copies of a beast with 3 attack or less with charge. these minions die at the end of the turn


Spellsteal: 2-3 mana, remove all buffs from an enemy minion and add them to one of yours.

Conjure food: 2 mana, gives you 2 magic cupcakes, similar to Mukla's bananas except 0 mana cost.


divine intervention: 1 mana, secret: when your opponent attacks a minion, that minion gains "immune" this turn. Might overlap a bit with noble sac.


Binding Heal: 3 mana, heal a minion and yourself for 5 health.


Deadly throw: 2-3 mana, deal 3 damage. combo: silence. requires equipped weapon.


Totemic Recall: 0 mana: destroy all friendly totems. gain 2 mana for each totem destroyed this way for this turn. (an interesting way for shamans to get around overload).


Fear: 2-3 mana, target minion attacks it's owner.


Dragonian Deflector: 3-4 mana, weapon 1/3 (more like shield). your hero gains taunt. every time your hero takes damage, -1 durability. Alternatively: 3 mana, 0/2 weapon, at the end of your turn, gain 2 armor. taking damage from any source makes this weapon lose 1 durability.

What do you think?

There you have it this week's edition of the Reader Post. As always thank you all for the submissions. Keep sending them in always enjoy reading them. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Have yet to play it but I did hear they would be adding new cards every so often so you never know