Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blizzar Expectations

So tomorrow is Blizzcon and I thought I would make today's blog pretty simple. What I hope for from each of Blizzards games. Feel free to let me know your hopes and expectations.


I am looking forward into some more insight into Reaper of Souls. How life without the auction house will be, which means I want to see how loot 2.0 is going to work. Is everything going to be bind on account? Would also love to see some great gameplay footage, but no spoilers of Malthael. Overall think this is all can really expect from Diablo except maybe another cinematic or 2. Oh and if I am dreaming a release date.


Actually just started messing around with this a couple days ago. Have had the beta for awhile but just didn't sit down and learn to play then play it some. Game is actually a lot more fun then would have expected it to be. Really since I can play the beta I would just be looking for when this game will be released so I can play against others who do not have beta privileges. What up Saf?

Heroes of the Storm

I want to see this game in action. I am really looking forward to Blizzard's take on the MOBA style. You see I have never been really able to get into them because the game seems so slow paced and simplistic. Maybe it is because I have played too much Starcraft. So I am hoping Blizzard can change my mind on this. Also a beta date and invite would be awesome.


I live my life for Aiur so Legacy of the Void is something I have been looking forward to since it was announced. I am hoping to get a glimpse into the story, but nothing to major or super spoilerish. I am also looking forward to some new multiplayer units. Hoping for a usable protoss ground unit since HoTS only gave protoss air. A terran meching unit with anti air. Like the Goliath works doesn't have to be the Goliath but something which can actually make mech work. For Zerg a ground anti air unit so there is some options other than hydra. Lastly a beta invite and release would be appreciated.

World of Warcraft

Information on the new expansion. I want to know what lore we can expect and how the story will evolve. I want to see new models for the older races for minor cosmetic upgrades. Want to see Alleria and Turalyon make their return some how and get some insight into what N'zoth is up to. So yes all the typically stuff.

So that is what I am hoping for. Nothing too out there really. Guess we will start to find out tomorrow if my wishes will be coming true.

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  1. Seeing that costume again reminds me how epic it was