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We're Wassssting Time... Precioussssss Time.

So as you all know I am a huge Warcraft Lore buff. The story within the universe is just something which makes you think. Nothing really more than when it involves Nozdormu. He is one of my favourite characters. He is a dragon, master of time, and even though he has lost his aspect powers he is still pretty badass. My favourite point about Nozdormu is when he was given his powers he was shown his death to prove to him that even though he seamed all powerful is his time controlling awesomeness he could not stop death(insert random Malthael look here). This demise was supposed to be End Time when Murozond was defeated. But was it? I have speculated a lot that there is hidden meaning within the instance End Time and the Timeless Isle almost speaks to this fact.

Now keeping that in mind today is Friday, which does mean it is time for a Reader Post and when I saw this submission about End Time I just had to share it. It was written by Mrcoolguyry(btw you need a better name). It deals specifically with the choices of the Echos in End Time. It is a little on the longer side but worth it for all you lore buffs like myself out there.

In the Caverns of Time instances, mostly all of them (with the exception of End Time and Well of Eternity) actually take place in Azeroth's history past and present, and we as the adventurers, our job in them is technically a proto-type for the Timewalkers (by looking at the adventurers defending the timelines from a post-Mists point of view) as we make sure the timelines stay according to their history and eliminate any outside sources that wish to unravel it (The Infinite Dragonflight). In End Time and Well of Eternity on the other hand take place in an alternate future and past. In End Time I have a lot of speculation about. While defeating Murozond and ensuring that "supposedly" the Infinites cease to exist, that would be a fallacy as for the fact that even though we may have gotten rid of the Infinites in Azeroth's current timeline, who's to say that they still couldn't form into existence in an entirely different timeline. Also, I have had a lot of speculation regarding why the Echoes in End Time are the Echoes that they are. Those echoes are those of Jaina, Baine, Tyrande, and Sylvanas. It's time to blow your mind. Each of these echoes' real representations in present Azeroth have ALL been affected in a major way. 

Jaina is the most forefront example. Pre Mists (extending to Vanilla) she had brokered for peace between the Horde (led by Thrall at the time) and the Alliance living in Theramore. Well, then Garrosh takes over and he wanting absolute supremacy over a continent that THE ORCS discovered before the humans, has an absolute reason to see Theramore as a threat to the legacy of the Horde. So then he orders a mana bomb. *boom* Theramore is destroyed and Jaina is fucking pissed along getting a new hairstyle that includes blonde with white highlights. Jaina almost tsunamis the shit out of Orgrimmar before being reminded she's dating a hot elf dragon dude with blue hair. She's alright. Fast forward to Mists. She's okay with Dalaran being neutral, but Garrosh being the king of stupid, decides to just have a group of Horde adventurers representing the Sunreavers, steal the Divine Bell from Darnassus, which technically was claimed by the Kirin Tor alone. Okay now Jaina has a reason to be pissed. The Kirin Tor is supposed to be neutral, but with the adventurers involving in the theft of the bell being Horde, Jaina suspects bias among the Sunreavers being Team Horde. She then goes batshit crazy elf racist bitch and kills stragglers or imprisons naughty elves. Jaina is now at the conclusion of where she is at now of being only Alliance. Then go to Siege, you see a darker side of Jaina in which she suggests to finish off the Horde once and for all. But most people are confused by this. I myself think I am not, so I hope. 

At the end of Siege, if you are Alliance, Varian discusses his worry and urgency to deal with Sylvanas. THIS is the reason why Jaina wanted to dismantle the Horde. And what do you know? Sylvanas was an echo in End Time too. But she is one of two characters that were already affected majorly before Mists. Throughout WoW's history, Sylvanas has always felt the need to plague the shit out of stuff (This even goes back to Vanilla!) eventually reaching a breaking point at the Wrathgate where it is then the Horde expresses concern over what the Forsaken are really capable of (Which in my opinion makes the Horde complete dumbasses. How in the hell were they like not told or notified about the Forsaken's activities by say a Tauren warrior that leveled in Hillsbrad? HOW THE HELL DID THEY NOT FUCKING KNOW!?!). Also of another note she hates the Lich King (I would hate the shit out of someone too if they killed me, raised me up as a ghost, and then had to have me find my fucking body once I broke free of their control), and it didn't really help her when she found out that the Lich King was still alive, but he was just someone else. It was after seeing this, she threw herself off a cliff and *seeing only darkness before me * she gained nine Val'kyr lives in an attempt to downplay that she's basically a cat at this point. Then comes Cataclysm and Sylvanas and her new Val'kyr friends decide the raise the shit out of the dead to bolster their numbers because dead people don't procreate. So basically we have a batshit crazy undead high elf banshee lady queen with a growing army of undead along with biological weapons terrifying similar to the Lich King, the Scourge, and the Cult of the Damned. Yet... what if this is the way Sylvanas and the Forsaken were purposely depicted in WoW? Sylvanas had a partnership with a dreadlord --- who isn't to say that Varimathras possibly persuaded her that in the event of the Scourge's return, she would have to raise up an army to combat that --- The Forsaken --- and could also possibly be used as a bolstering force to the Scourge in the event Sylvanas gained the Crown of Dominion once -- or -- if she defeated the Lich King. Think about that. Sylvanas is acting like a Lich Queen because she's been programmed that way -- after meeting Varimathras. Dreadlords are master manipulators after all. Or another possible scenario is when Varimathras was supposedly defeated in Undercity, he sent his remaining essence went into Sylvanas. *boom* I hope that just blew your mind.

Baine Bloodhoof was also another character majorly affected before Mists. In the interim between Wotlk and Cata he lost his father, and a great betrayal occurred among the Tauren due to the Grimtotem (Once again the Horde are major dumbasses. I mean how the hell did the Tauren not see this coming? Especially Cairne. FUCKING CAIRNE MAN FUCKING CAIRNE). He has since then assumed major responsibility as chieftain of the Tauren, but what could be so significant in his future that would make him an echo in End Time? For this one I don't have a lot of theories. My top one is, he could be the one destined to finally unite all the Tauren tribes under one banner by showing his triumph of leadership over (hopefully) the final judgment on the Grimtotem and the execution of Magatha (one that should have happened a long time ago) and finally eradicating the centaur and quilboar with the blessing of Agamaggan and Zaetar to relieve their cursed children of their suffering while in the process finally making Tauren lands safe and free to roam (ugh lord) as a testament to Cairne's legacy and Baine's tenacity to finally accomplish his father's dream. 

I would include Tyrande to this list, but I have put on a big huge tin-foil hat/fan-fiction/potential ideas for character development for her.

Wasn't I right? Great read and very thought provoking. That's it for this week have a great weekend and enjoy Blizzcon!

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