Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ask Gauss

Sunday! And not just any Sunday but the Sunday of a Blizzcon weekend. So can you guess what most of the questions sent in for Ask Gauss were about? Or maybe you were living under a rock and don't know anything about Blizzcon if that's the case well you will be in for information overload.

How is Warlords of Draenor not a time travel expansion?

The way I understand it is the time travel component is just what gets the story off and going. Basically Garrosh some how escapes his prison, I am assume this is Wrathion but the how is currently unknown. He then travels back in time to what I assume is one of the "other" timelines the bronze dragons have access to. Therefore again assuming this will have something to do with the infinite flight and maybe even Nozdormu himself. He goes back in time to get his father and the other "Warlords" of the Orcish clans to not drink the blodd of Mannoroth and instead gives them technology from the present to create an Iron Orcish horde when the Orcs themselves were at their massive numbers, He then connects this timeline to the present one using the Dark Portal therefore bringing the past to the present. I know it sounds confusing and it is, but I think this is how they get around having the past affecting the future because it is just ruining another timeline no one actually cares about.

So Heroes of the Storm? What do you think?

Now from what I have scene and heard Blizzard is changing the approach to this genre. Which in my opinion is a good thing because to me the genre is lacking in a few aspects. One of the problems to me is an indivdual could take over or lose you the game. Blizzard is stressing the team concept in this game. Levels will be team based to me this will promote teamwork and in general will make a much more enjoyable game to be a spectator for. Also one of the major things which has always bothered me about the genre is the length of the games. 40+ minutes is way too long for a every single game especially is you ever want to be taken seriously from a viewing aspect. The have said the average game will be around 20 minutes which I think is a really nice spot to be at. Lastly the maps and ideas on them are very interesting really cannot wait to try this out in beta.

No Legacy of The Void?

I know.... sad panda.

There you have it this week's questions answered. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!


  1. I agree no LoV is disappointing

  2. Yeah, I think your non-time travel explanation is about right... Garrosh goes back, changes things and (shhhhhhhh) quietly saves Draenor and organizes the Iron Horde with us on the other side of the portal being none the wiser... either the preparations took all the time he had until he was back to the current timeline (which is the simplest answer) or they jumped back to the present once they were ready but either way, I think from our perspective, Outlands is simply gone, it's now Draenor with a bunch of powerful, angry Orcs looking to smash our faces in. I'd expect our leaders and toons to have a momentary "WTF?" reaction followed by a pretty quick recognition that we don't have time to worry about it, we have a world to defend.