Saturday, November 2, 2013

Suspenseful Sacrifice

The Tauren, and the Blood Elf part 3
 Happy Saturday! My week has been special. Saw a trick or treater dressed as Johnny Cash. Kid was 4 years old. Cutest. Thing. Ever. You have kids? What did they go as? I love homemade costumes. Parents who spend time contributing to their childrens imaginations are always the best. Last weekend, I created a Facebook page for this blog. If you love what we do, be sure to give us a like. Get to know us better :) Thanks for all the support, Gauss and I are very appreciative of every reader. Hope you enjoy another part to the story I've been writing. Keep in mind I write every Saturday's blog post. Bare with my non-professional story telling skills. hehe :)


 Silence, so quiet it was loud. A faint but constant light illuminated the city. Even the darkest corners were enchanted with it. In this moment, even the comfort of the city couldn't stop her mind from pulling her in the different directions it was going. She felt so helpless. Not being able to make sense of anything. First thought was the Tauren. He was down the hall propped against the wall sleeping. The closer she walked towards him the colder she felt.

 In the corner of her eye she saw a flash of light. Quickly looking over, she saw an orb. The most radiant blue-green color she had seen so far. The blue-green sphere danced to an unknown rhythm that to her, seemed intoxicating. She wanted to be closer to it. Befriend it. She slowly walked towards the light. Cautious, she didn't want to startle it away. As she came closer the curiosity became so much more intense. The orb didn't act hesitant, or shy. With her eyes so wide, she reached out her hand to touch the orb.

 Just like that, she was in a different place. A place she was certain she had never been before. It was cold, damp and though the place went on forever, it seemed cramped and enclosed. She still felt the orbs energy. She couldn't see it, only feel it. She wanted to discover more behind this orb. Maybe it was a step closer to figuring out what happened with that warlock. The orb made her feel like she was home. Like nobody else could get as close to her, as the glowing orb.

 Breathing heavy, she continued down the path. Away from the light, she trekked further into the dark. She wasn't afraid. She wanted to be home again, with the Tauren. Safe and sound. She had to see this through, no matter what it took. The blood elf felt a cold rush of air hit her back. She turned around, to see the tall dark figure. The figure raised his hand to her, draining the very life she just had restored. A light grew beneath her feet, growing over her entire body. Sending a shock pulse around her in all directions, the dark figure pushed back. The blood elf quickly threw both hands to the sky and channeled the blue-green light into the dark warlock.

 The stars from the sky fell to her. Surrounding her with a radiant light of power. Stronger than ever, she had never felt so alive. "What do you want with me, warlock?" She shouted. Unable to get up, the dark figure remained low on the cold dirt. "I will have all of the souls I need, and yours, I will enjoy collecting" he grinned. Flickering with light he grew dimmer. "I've watched you for years. I know every path you take, I know every sound you hear, and what earth is below your feet. Haven't you felt a constant feeling you were being watched? Come away with me, I can end this nightmare any time you'd like." With every last bit of strength she placed an aura on the dark warlock. 

 "Tell me, what did you put on the Tauren and Worgen? How do I dispell it?" she asked. "My dear, blood elf. I need something from you. If you fail to give it to me, then I won't stop it from happening" She didn't understand what he wanted with her, and why he was so evil. "If you surrender your soul to me, I shall spare them both from endless torment." 
"How do I know I can trust you warlock?"
"I'm afraid you don't have much choice, do you?
She knew this wouldn't stop. He would hurt more people. If he would absorb her, she knew she had the power to destroy him within, to ensure this wouldn't happen to anyone else. 
"Alright" she whispered. "You get what you want, I get what I need. Simple enough" He grinned.She removed the aura from the warlock, and closed her eyes. 

To be concluded, next weekend!