Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Here we are once again on the tail end of our weekend. I know some pretty sad Moments to follow which begin with what is known as "Monday". Being Sunday though you should know by now if you have been here for awhile that Sunday means Ask Gauss the time of the week where I answer some of questions sent to me throughout the week here on the blog. If you are unsure how to send in a question it is pretty easy they are all on the top right of the page or feel free to just send an email to Now let's get to it.

So with the friends and family beta for Reaper of Souls on the way when do you think we will see RoS go live?

I think a big clue to this is a date we already have March 18th 2014. This is the date the auctions houses will be closed forever. I suspect this is the date Blizzard will have a patch which will not only remove the auction houses but will put loot 2.0 and all the other features which will be a part of the game along with the expansion in. Kind of like they always do with WoW. Now history would dictate in WoW this time frame between the "patch" and the expansion has gone from 1 week to 1 month. So I believe we will see RoS as early as March 25th or as late as April 15th either way it is not that far away.

Can Hearthstone be taken seriously as an Esport?

I 100% think it can be. I just completed a survey they had sent out to beta participants on Friday which seemed to be gauging how interested people will be in an Esports aspect. This is a game that was supposed to be something small and enjoyable and it has turned into so much more. There are professional gamers which have been signed to add contracts and streamers getting countless viewers just watching people play. With an Observer mode and a replay system this game will have everything it will need.

Do you realty thing anyone cares what you have to say about Kripp?

You obviously do.

There you have it questions answered for the week. As always thanks to everyone who sent one in if it was answered on the blog or not I do get to them all.

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  1. I really am looking forward to an observer mode.