Friday, November 15, 2013

There's No Flying In Draenor

Happy Birthday PS4! Maybe you are one of the lucky ones and maybe you are one of the ones standing in line or maybe even one of those online pressing the refresh button over and over hoping one will be posted online. With all that in mine some interesting news came forth yesterday from Blizzard about Warlords of Draenor

"We intend to disallow flying while leveling from 90 to 100, and have flying become available again in the first major patch for Warlords of Draenor."

Now I havc been stating forever they have should do this. It makes the leveling expierence the way it should be. No shortcuts no nothing. Now I am a lore buff so this is great for me which others talk about how this will ruin the game and this will make them quit. Like honestly? Think that is going a little overboard. Calm yourselves everything going to be ok. Now with all of that in mind today is the Reader Post it is Friday of course and so I do have a contribution by Joshmoe who I was having a conversation back and forth with about world pvp. We were both in agreement how those arguing about this killing world pvp were out of their minds but I will let his words do the talking.

World PvP died with Battlegrounds, in the same manner looking for groups in /1 died with LFD. There are sporadic fights here and there, as there has always been, but it had nothing to do with flying. Flying only enabled gankers an easier time to attack and flee.

When you push the importance and rewards of pvp into instances, the outside world becomes more barren. We saw this with "world pvp" ( fights while questing do not count ) , and we saw this with the outside population altogether ( its become simpler to just stay in town and wait for queues to pop. The quests in and of themselves may also just be too boring to keep doing *restricted flying included* ).

Youll find people pvp as they level (not nearly as much over the last several years, as people just want to level and get to max), or when doing dailies (or not based on the same thing as wanting to reach max level), but you wont find people just looking for pvp fights anymore, especially at max level. There's too much that's "needed" to do: Gathering, arenas, bgs, dailies, raiding, farms, rares, etc. None of which can be alleviated by doing world pvp: you kill someone and get a few pennies worth of honor, and move on. The "Fun" factor is the only thing that drives world pvp, and since this game is so heavily geared towards needing rewards and progression (and having too many things on timers that need to be done: weekly raids, daily quests and events, profession cooldowns, instance daily rewards, etc.) , people ( and blizzard ) would rather you work on things with a tangible ending "of the sorts" .

Flying is not the detriment of world pvp , or leveling content. The content itself and its implementation is ruining it. If blizzard wants wold pvp, then world pvp needs to be as valid as doing a bg or arena. Making zones dedicated to pvp doesnt solve anything, its just creating a simulated battleground without the loading screen. If you want world pvp, the entire continent needs to function like its a battleground, and/or be as rewarding as such. The Hellfire tokens were a good example of a way to reward pvp in that zone. The Nagrand tokens were a good example of a way to reward pvp in that zone. Giving pvp set pieces as rep rewards was a way to keep people in those zones, and to give them incentives to pvp (by having gear tailored for it). 

If you create functioning rewards for being in the world, and pvping, then it will grow. If you keep putting all of the rewards in instances....people will go there instead. Flying does not harm pvp. The way pvp works is what harms pvp.

Thanks Joshmoe for the contribution along with everyone else. If you are still unsure of how to send in something check the top right of the page or send an email to


  1. NO FLYING! Sorry I couldn't resist. It is true though world pvp needs to have a purpose if anyone is ever going to want to do it. You used to do all those For The Horde runs and people did it for the bears then after what?