Thursday, November 21, 2013

Stay Awhile And Listen Up

So first I want to apologize for the people looking forward to my computer specs post this week. I am delaying it till next week because something has happened and I just felt the need to just rant about it. No worries though I will do that blog next week and the world will still be ok.

So what is it that has pissed me off so much? Well it is simple really, but I think it needs some explanation. I used to think Final Fantasy 8 was one of the only great games that throughout gaming history has been spat on over and over for doing nothing other than coming after one of the greatest games ever made.  It was and is unfair to look down upon a game for that reason. Then came Diablo III and if I thought Final Fantasy 8 got shit on badly well Diablo III took it too a whole new level. Hating on Diablo III has become the popular thing to do. Even those who have never played the game flat out say it is a terrible game. Let's be honest though Diablo III took things out of Diablo II which were outdated. An artificial replay-ability system and a customization system which you couldn't really build your character any way you wanted because it wouldn't work at higher levels. Diablo III is a great game sure it has had some issues but there is no game that is truly perfect and can be improved upon. This didn't stop people and gamers from all around from shitting on it over and over.

Some of these players were popular streamers, youtubers, and others were players that despite playing countless hours in the game felt the need to shit on it over and over again. So what is my point? Well if you re unaware on Tuesday the Reaper of Souls the first expansion pack to Diablo III went into friends and family beta. Not only friends and family though Blizzard rewarded some of the people who played more time than any others in Diablo III with beta access as well. Well do you know those some people who were shitting on the game day after day month after month are complaining they are not part of the beta? You know the game you said was awful and you didn't want anything to do with? Yes they are complaining they are not part of it.

How dare they? I don't care if you have thousands upon thousands of viewers. All of them did this to themselves. Why would they want to play a game they hated? The truth is they never hated on it. It was the cool thing to do and now it is biting them in the ass and I for one couldn't be happier. I have been saying since it started that the time will come when all of this hating on Diablo crap will bite them in the ass and I am glad it has. I hope Blizzard never lets them into the beta just to truly teach them a lesson, probably won't happen but I can hope.


  1. Completely agree sick and tired of people bad mouthing D3 when they have played it and played. How can you say a game sucks when you have 300+ hours playing it

  2. In the world we are a part of everyone is entitled. It is actually pretty disgusting at times. I assume this post is specially about Kripp and I agree with you. I hope Blizzard never gives him access. He not only kept badmouthing the game but urged people who followed him to do the same. Now he complains about other people getting access over him when he says "I am one of the best gamers around" talk about being full of yourself.