Thursday, June 30, 2011

Scary Stuff?

So I saw a post today relating to what you are scared of in WoW and it triggered a memory of a forum post which existed years ago when "The Children of Goldshire" were the topic of conversation. First off I don't know if they still exist in game, but I would hope Blizzard didn't take them out. For those who don't know I will give you all the information and you can go and check out if they still exist in game.

  • There is a house with six children upstairs named Cameron, Jose, John, Aaron, Lisa, and Dana
  • These children form themselves in a pentagram
  • All have 42 life
  • The music changes when you go inside the room with the children to a creepy music
  • You can hear C'thun whispers in this room
  • If you stand in the centre of the Pentagram you are exactly 666 yards from Stormwind
  • There is plenty of 666s in the fireplace
  • There is 3 groups of 6 graves outside the house
So maybe you didn't know about this, but now you have something to explore. Hopefully they still exist because it was something that stirred up the WoW community for a really long time.

Here is an old video of the area that lets you see the change in music and the formation of the children

Happy hunting and putting out fires in the Firelands!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tauren Lore

So I know all of you know I am a great fan of the Tauren. I play one and like to know anything and everything about the race I play. So when Lore comes to the forefront I will be there to read it and learn everything I can, even if it has sort of the tinfoil hat variety.

For those that don't know WoW insider has something known as "Know Your Lore". What these write ups are all about are either a review of lore that is already known to catch readers up on what they don't know, or my favourite speculation. The speculation lore is what they think is going to happen with what we already know. Really the same reason why I love reading Orcish Army Knife because of the foresight and for lack of better words "putting everything together". Back to what I was talking about today WoW Insider's Know Your Lore was all about the tauren. Take a read here. In the article Mattew Rossi goes on to speculate from everything from the creation of the world and how it relates to the tauren, to Elune, to Cenarius, to anything and everything else. Truly one of the best reads I have had the pleasure with in regards to "Know Your Lore". Maybe I am a little bias because it was directly about tauren, but I will let all of you make that argue after you read it.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You Fail At Reading The Patch Notes If...

Happy Fail Day and Happy Patch Day. What a day combination. So normally these days tend to be some of my most popular in history so lets make it actually having to do with the patch I thought. So here we go.

You Fail At Reading The Patch Notes If...
  • You are thinking what is this Firelands everyone is talking about?
  • You are wondering what is this "conference" going on by the world tree
  • You have all these keys in your bags that should be on your keyring
  • You are going on and on to everyone how you downloaded this mod which is called encounter journal that you didn't even know you downloaded.
  • You keep complaining how Blizzard will never put a caster legendary into the game in trade
  • You are bitching about how all your valor points got taken away
  • You think you bugged out the game because your heals are critting for a lot more than they used to
  • You don't understand why you are being locked out of two schools of spells when you are being interrupt while casting frostfire
  • You are dying while playing your death knight
  • You complaining how your roots are bugged out and are not doing any damage
  • People now want to raid with my holy pally now
  • You are wondering why "my rogue still sucks"
  • You say "my Enhance Shaman is doing damage for some reason"
and finally
  • You didn't even know there was a patch
That is it for this week hope you all enjoyed it and are enjoying the patch.

Monday, June 27, 2011

World of Warcraft is Dead

Here we are once again on a Monday morning. You know the day everyone loves to hate and always wishes why it cannot be a long weekend. Well that's why we have Machinima Monday's. This week I decided to go with a video which is a collaboration of two of my favourite WoW youtube peoples. WoWCrendor Jessie Cox from OMFG Cata. They put together this video which basically speaks to the claims WoW is dead and goes over all the times over the years where people have been saying WoW is dead. So sit back and have a laugh for all the times you experienced these things.

Hope that has made your day that much better. Enjoy your day and your last day before patch 4.2 it is upon us so be ready.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ask Gauss

Sunday! You know that last day of the weekend? See I know you knew what I was talking about. Even more so everyone knows that Sunday means it is Ask Gauss time. I know I should probably inform all of the people who are still clueless on how to send in their questions, but I am not going to say you can click on the link on the top right or tell you to just send an email to I tell you I am not going to do it. So let's just make this a happy Sunday and answer some questions.

What are you looking forward to most with 4.2?

Simple since I am a huge fan of the lore of the game how can I not be looking forward to Thrall and his Elemental Bonds questline? In Cataclysm many players have had a bunch of complaints, but I for one don't see how anyone can complain about how the questing experience has been amazing. There has been a story centric approach, which many have asked for for years. Everyone hated how you needed to know the back story to understand everything. This has made the game much better for everyone including the player who knows absolutely nothing about the lore of the game. So anytime there is a chance to see more of the story first hand not to mention my Lord of Lore Thrall then I will be there to see it first hand.

Do you think there should be a ilvl requirement for holiday bosses?

In a quick answer, No. Holiday bosses don't have DPS or healing requirements. They don't have difficult mechanics, but they actually always have mechanics. So obviously if you have a lower ilvl then you need to actually pay attention to the mechanics and know what you are actually doing. The fact that people queue and expect a holiday boss to be a joke is what makes me angry in the first place. You shouldn't just expect to be carried and you shouldn't expect everything to be a cake walk. If you are using LFD then you will be grouped with people less geared or more geared. Regardless everyone should understand what to do and those who don't are the ones that are making it a waste of time.

Have you got fire insurance in prep for 4.2?

I really just think this was a poor attempt at being funny, but I will answer no.

That is it for this week hope you all got everything you needed out of it. Next week's Reader Post I want to know what your favourite part of 4.2 was/is. Enjoy the what is left of your weekend.

Friday, June 24, 2011

I Wish But Sadly It Won't Happen

Oh is it Friday again? This means it is time for he Reader Post because that is what everyone has to get them through the work week right? This week I wanted you all to tell me what you thought Blizzard should add to the game, but in all likely hood never would add. So shall we see what is on everyone's mind?

There is a simple concept that I have been thinking about for the longest time that I don't know if it is practical at all by a programming standpoint. But have you ever just been grinding mobs and for mats or even for quests or even helping out low level characters and there is just way too many mobs to sit there and loot one by one? Well why doesn't Blizzard just put something in where you can target and area and loot everything in that area. I guess you could call it AoE looting. Seems like it would be one of the greatest things put into the game for the grinders, but may favour the Gold farming and bots too much.

I know you have spoke about this before, but neutral races where you can decide from time to time what side you are on Horde and Alliance. I really think this is great for races such as the Pandaren, Tuskar, and Furbolgs since they have ties to both sides. I know that switching back and forth is really a headache, but it really puts into practice the fact that diplomatic relations are put to the test and change. This of course would make faction transfers useless which basically the reason this would never happen.

Guild Instances. Basically would kil lthe community feature of WoW because everyone would hangout in their guild instance. This thought would give people with an unheard of amount of gold something to spend it on. There really needs to be something for gold making champions something to spend their fortunes on besides making more and more gold.

Zeppelins and Ships. Hey we have multiple seat mounts so why not have a mount that isn't a mount but one of these. Of course these would be beyond expensive, but just think of the possibilities carrying anyone and everyone. This wouldn't happen because how would Blizzard stop people from getting to the "end of the world". This is my dream though so I can keep hoping.

Attacking while mounted! Now I know we had jousting, but I am talking about using our abilities while on mounts. I want to be on my kodo and blasting some punk with my pyroblast. Just think of how epic two person mounts would be with this. This would need stupid balance changes, but who cares the fun factor would be endless, and isn't this what the game is about?

That is it for this week hope you all enjoyed it. As always if you want to partake in next week's reader post look for the topic during Sunday's Ask Gauss post. Good luck getting all your flames this weekend.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Class Combos That Look Off

Now I know for one there is lore behind each and every class combination in the game. Of course, I do I am a huge fan of the lore of WoW. The thing is in practice I find the look of some of these races and classes in game look just beyond weird. Maybe it has to do with the actually gear design was not thought about when it was designed with a particular race in mind, but still that really isn't an excuse. Here are some of the ones that make me facepalm whenever I see them.

Gnome Warrior: Warriors are supposed to be fierce and strike fear into the enemy. Be able to tank mammoth beast, demons, and constructs still while being the machine that they are. So explain to me how a 3 foot tall Gnome is supposed to achieve this while the enemy is 1000x their size. This isn't even as much as the gear even if it destroys the look by being so tiny. I put gnome warriors in the same group as Tauren rogues, they don't make sense. The difference is Tauren Rogues are not actually a class in game.

Tauren Priest: This has nothing to do with over sized gear or anything like that. This is the gear design is always so elegant and clean cut and sparkly. This design doesn't fit the tauren at all. A former nomadic people which still are in the roots of that society. Now tauren priests are great and a wonderful idea and fit into lore great I just find the gear styling doesn't fit them at all and the only fix would be tauren priests themselves to have a different gear set.

Draenei Mage: Now this isn't entirely true with the female draenei it doesn't bother me at all. When I see a male though I just get the blue version of the Game Genie guy from the original Nintendo. Maybe it is their animations that just bother me but they just don't fit with what a mage should be.

Worgen Druid: Yes worgen druids are fine. My problem is when you are a druid before you actually become a worgen and you are a human druid. The weirdest thing in the game in my opinion is watching a human casting wrath.

Blood Elf Anything: They just look wrong as anything and everything.

There you have it. Those all just look off to me. Did I miss anything, if I did I am sure you would tell me.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pro Screenshots

Now I don't do a screenshot post on a weekly basis even more so on a monthly basis, but that doesn't stop people from sending me countless screenshots that they think I will enjoy. Many of them I have seen on other sites, but that doesn't hurt at all to see them once again. So as a tribute to everyone who sends in the screens today I decided to show a couple of them.

This screenshot I find quite amusing since it makes me me think USE THE FORCE!!! Gives me a laugh every time I look at it. If only he had the lightsaber sword while doing this it would be even more amazing.
This is one of the best looking screenshot moments I have seen in a long time. It is one of those exact moments when you are searching for your print screen option and you found it. I know countless times I have missed the opportunity to take a shot such as this, but I am glad as I am sure you are that this person was able to snap this screen in time.

So there you have it a couple great screens for you all to see. Like I said I don't have a set post or anything about getting screenshots in, but I always enjoy looking at all the ones sent my way. Thank you all and keep them coming.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You Fail At Thinking Today Was Patch Day If...

Happy Fail Day everyone! You know the day when it is all about Fail. Well not my Fail, but others fails. Well I guess sometimes it is my fails too, but that doesn't matter. Why am I rambling like crazy? Anyways, Fail Day and this week we have an extra special one for all of you out there that are easily confused. So let's stop waiting and get right to it.

You Fail At Thinking Today Was Patch Day If...
  • You spent all your Valor points on useless things so they wouldn't be wasted
  • You converted your Valor points to conquest because you needed another week to get enough Valor points to buy anything of use
  • You parked all your toons by the spawn locations of rare mobs
  • You posted your auctions before you went to bed last night in the hopes of making gold from the patch
  • You bought up all kinds of materials for way overpriced amounts so you could have the materials to make something today
  • You stayed up for 100 hours straight increasing your rating high enough to be Gladiator level
  • You won 100 Rated Battlegrounds yesterday so you could be one of the first to ride the pretty new mounts
  • You logged out all 30 of your 85s in Hyjal in hopes that at least one of them would be able to log on and get into the Firelands
  • You tweeted how excited you were for the patch on twitter with a 5 hour countdown
  • You logged on and yelled in trade "Isn't it a great day to be patch day"
  • You updated all your addons one by one when they weren't even updated for the patch
  • Your Facebook status for the day was "OMG ITS PATCH DAY"
  • You booked the day off work so you could be "prepared"
  • You posted the longest forum post in history about how this patch day has ruined WoW and how it will be the death of the game
and finally
  • You got a tattoo "I survived patch day 06/21/11" with a little Ragnaros beside it
There you have it, this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and none of you were included in this weeks fails. Good luck on what actually in all likelyhood is your last reset before the patch.

    Monday, June 20, 2011

    Retarded Flying Lion

    Happy Monday everyone! The day which we wish was not today. But alas this isn't true. What is true though is that it is Machinima Monday the day of the week where I show a machinima for all of you to sit watch and enjoy. Well I guess you could stand up and watch it, but why would you do that? Regardless, this week I decided to go with a video which decides to break out in song about our new favourite lion mount. This is done by Myndflame the same person who brought us ROFL Bear, Illegal danish and who can forget ARCANITE REAPER HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! So without making you wait any longer here is this beauty.

    Hope you all enjoyed it and remember not to waste your bonus week this coming week. So this is in fact your second to last reset before 4.2.

    Sunday, June 19, 2011

    Ask Gauss

    Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers out there. Being Father's Day it is also Sunday unless someday they change Father's Day to not be on a Sunday, which wouldn't make too much sense anyway, so I will stick with my first point, that being it is Sunday. With it being Sunday that means it Ask Gauss the post of the week where I get to be put on the spot and answer some questions. If you are unfamilar with how to ask these questions there is a fancy link at the top right of the page or you can just email them to me at With that all out of the way let's get to the questions.

    So Thrall has been changed into a Neutral Character do you think there is anyone else in the game who could be heading this direction?

    Well if you look at the leaders of the Horde and Alliance the only one I think you could look at going the current direction of Thrall is Velen. The problem is Velen is the Draenei even more so than Thrall is the Horde. You saw him or heard him rather do his speech at the end of the Sunwell raid, which was probably one of my favourite in game moments a lot because of what we were able to accomplish, but also because Velen was showcased how he should be. If you have read any of the novels you really know what I am talking about.

    On another note there are a couple people I feel could be going the other way, namely Sylvannas. She is heading down a path that I am not entirely sure if it will keep her with the Horde, but only time will tell I guess. What I feel really though is we will be getting Lore Characters added in a way such that they are neutral and not just have our leaders packing up and leaving. Thrall is just a really special case.

    What would you add to the game that would probably never happen?

    One thing I would love to see added is a Horde and Alliance Combined raid. I am not saying just in the same group because that isn't really interesting to me. I mean I would love to have a boss where there is a Horde and Alliance raid fighting the boss at the same time, both having specific goals and both trying to achieve the end result of the boss dying. Think of it this way say Yogg Saron it was one raid constantly outside the other group constantly inside both are fighting the same boss and at the other ones mercy to get the job done. Completely separate groups trying to save us all. This is always the way I had thought Sargeras would go down. Yes I am hopeful, but I really don't see it happening at all. The logistics and planning in order to make this work would be much too difficult on the players side. Arranging 2 25s or even 2 10s cross faction seems like a complete nightmare even if during the encounter you didn't speak to each other at all. But I do have a dream even if I feel it won't have a chance of happening.

    Did they change the release of 4.2 to the 28th?

    It appears so. So we will now have an extra week.

    That is it for this week hope you all got what you wanted out of it. For next week's Reader Post I want you all to send in what you would like to see in the game, but will probably never happen. Again Happy Father's Day and enjoy what is left of your weekend.

    Friday, June 17, 2011

    What's To Come

    Well here we are on yet another Friday. Oh Friday how we love the. The end of the work week is always a great day. We can sit back relax do the most minimal amount of work and, of course,  enjoy the Reader Post for the week. This week I asked you all to send in what you thought would be the next hero class or what you thought the next two playable races would be. So let's have a look shall we

    Arokkoa could go Horde or Alliance. They're a deeply spiritual race, with a dark past, that has views that straddle Troll worship of animal spirits, Dwarven veneration of ancestors, and tenancies toward even Shadow magic and the Light. Despite not having any females (per se) in game, they do have at least three different models. Druid, Shaman, Priest, and Paladin all seem easily available; though their Priests are likely Shadow, and their Paladins might not see the Light quite the same way that Humans or even Draenei do. Ethereal are another race that wish would have been capitalized on. Like Goblins, they'd have to have a reason to choose sides, simply because it's usually more profitable to sell to both sides of a conflict. Ethereals are very structured, they form little groups for almost any task, which tend to be headed by "Princes" and "Kings" which amount to more like the CEO of a company than anything.

    Ogres have a long and noted history with the Horde already. It's almost strange that they aren't already a player race. There is the question of the whole female Ogre thing, but I'm sure the Blizzard art department could come up with something that meets all expectations. Also Furblogs always come up due to their association with Night Elves. Supposedly they helped in the War of the Ancients, but in game, the ones you actually can talk to (and will talk back) are few and far between. I'd like to see this race developed, some more of them restored to their presumed glory that they held back in ancient times, but for now the Timbermaw remain the only group with a crafted structure of any size. They make camps and such, sure, but so do Centaurs and Quilboars; I might even say that their structures are more elaborate. And with Worgen being the "savage animal" stereotype for the Alliance, I'm just not sure where Furblogs fit anymore.

    PANDAREN! This way they could put in the Brewmaster Hero class without an issue at all. The problem is the Brewmaster would only fit with the Pandaren. The other option for a Hero class could be a monk since the Pandaren pet in game is in fact a monk.

    Kalu'ak and Pandaren would be the most epic of race additions in the same expansion. Could you imagine how amazing adding these two would be?

    Ethereals and Mok'Nathal would be two great additions in my opinion. You could also add a Beast Master Hero class at the same time, and some sort of elemental lord type for the Ethereals. Just a thought although I know Blizzard probably doesn't want Horde and Alliance to have different classes again like they did with Shaman and Paladin.

    Demon Hunter is all I have ever wanted and the reason I am playing WoW. Blizzard needs to create this Hero class it will be absolutely amazing to have in game.

    PYGMIES! That is all.     
    That is it for this week, thank you all who submitted responses. To those whose I didn't include just don't have the space to put every single one in. If you are interested in participating next week look for next week's topic during Sunday's Ask Gauss post. Enjoy your last weekend before 4.2 all.

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    Rage of The Firelands Trailer

    If you all didn't know the trailer for patch 4.2 is upon us. It is out a little earlier than normal. I'll let you watch it before I tell you my thoughts.

    "Across the breadth of Azeroth, the Horde and the Alliance have dealt crushing blows to Deathwing's elemental minions and fanatic Twilight's Hammer cultists. Through it all, the Earthen Ring has never wavered from its tireless charge, holding Azeroth itself together amid the tidal fury and errant magical energies that churn at the Maelstrom. Yet as the elements continue their chaotic upheaval, it seems that the noble shamanic order might finally be on the verge of breaking beneath the great weight that rests on its shoulders. Even Thrall, for all of his wisdom and skill, has grown aggravated by his failure to effectively communicate with Azeroth's elements. Recently, his calls were acknowledged, but the malevolent entity that responded has only intensified Thrall's fears and doubts...."

    I think this trailer is extremely well done and I am not just saying that because I am a fan of Thrall. I think the best trailers Blizzard has done have been the ones that have been set as the point of view of one person. I think this is one of the best trailers in my opinion right up there with the Ulduar, Zul'Aman and Black Temple Trailers. This also really blends well with the theme of Cataclysm because you know the destruction of the world and how important Thrall is. Also this ties in perfectly to the entire Thrall questline which is going to be apart of this patch.

     Congrats Blizzard on an excellent trailer.

    Wednesday, June 15, 2011

    Poor Tanks

    So wanted to start out todays post with something from the Daily Blink.

    This is the kind of thing I guess you have to understand if you have played a tank and a DPS. This being a DPS first then moving on to the tank. It is about realizing how stupid some DPSers can be and then blame it on the inability of the tank. Any tank knows how frustrating it is for a DPS to hit a sheep pull aggro on adds not being tanked, running away from the tank when you have aggro, and so on and so forth.

    Wrath as we know made this even more of an issue with the nuke fest heroics and we paid for that at the start of Cata when people just assumed CC was not even needed at all. So for all of you DPS you know who you are, when you do a heroic today make it an effort to give your tank a hug before his head explodes in endless frustration.

    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    You Fail At Future Lore If...

    So it is Tuesday which means I owe you all a Happy Fail Day. Oh yes the day of the week where we make it a point to make certain people feel that much less of themselves at our own expense. This week I have decided to look into the future and make others realize what they should already know.

    You Fail At Future Lore If
    • You think Thrall will return to being Warchief
    • You believe that we have seen the last of Illidan
    • You think anyone other than Magatha will be the first Tauren boss in the game
    • You believe some how Arthas is not dead
    • You think Outlands will be redone other than a small Demon Hunter section
    • You believe Sylvannas is untouchable and will always lead the Forsaken
    • You think it is impossible that Varian and Jaina will ever be a couple
    • You still believe Thrall and Jaina will be an item
    • You believe Pandarens can never be a race because there is some law in China against it
    • You think WoW won't end at level 100
    • You think someone other than Nozdormu is the leader of the Infinite Dragonflight
    • You ever think there will be a netural race that you choose which faction to be apart of
    • You think the Neptulon story is actually finished and done with
    • You believe that Queen Azshara won't be the big cheese in the next expansion
    and finally
    • You think Deathwing will actually be the final boss of this expansion

    That is it for this week. Hope you all feel that much better after reading this. Good luck on this last reset before the patch in all likely hood.

    Monday, June 13, 2011

    Eternal Rose

    Monday! Yes today is Monday, more commonly known as the most depressing day of the week. This is why Monday is the perfect day to showcase Machinima, that and they both start with the letter "m" and we can have a cool name with alliteration "Machinima Monday". So what did I choose to show with you all this week? You may remember a few weeks ago I shared a video with you all called "Rude Awakening" this was done by someone named Master Vertex. This new video "Eternal Rose" has some spectacular animation, and builds a story, which makes you hope for more in the future just like his previous video. So without making you wait any longer to see this masterpiece here it is Eternal Rose

    Hope you enjoyed it. Good luck on your last day before reset and preping for your last reset before the new patch.

    Sunday, June 12, 2011

    Ask Gauss

    Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!! Besides monster trucks Sunday also brings us Ask Gauss. The post of the week where I make it a point to answer the questions sent in to me throughout the week. Yes, I know, I could have thought of a much better opening than that, but it sounded a lot funnier, before I actually typed it. Anyways, in case, you didn't know it is really easy to send in your questions. There is a link on the top right of the page you can click on or if that isn't your thing just email me at With all of that out of the way time to answer some questions.

    Do you think Firelands will bring players back?

    Well, before every major content patch Blizzard has always seen a decline in players. It has only been vocal this time because of the other games which are around and leads to everyone saying WoW is dying. If you look before Ulduar came out and even more so before ICC you will see the same type of drop. Firelands is also something the community has been waiting for, for quite some time now even before Cataclysm was released. The anticipation of going up against the Firelord again is a very big deal to a lot of players. So in a simple answer, yes I think a lot of players will end their breaks and come back to the game.

    Will we see a new race or class in the next expansion?

    Well this expansion just started but I will go ahead and answer this anyway. Blizzard has gone Races/Class/Races so far so the logical conclusion is that in the next expansion we will see a new hero class. That being said there is in all likely hood 2 more expansions on the way. One which deals with Azeroth's locations yet to be in the game. Kul Tiras, Undermine, Tomb of Sargeras,  Nazjatar, and so on and so forth. The other expansion would be when we come face to face with Sargeras himself most likely on Argus. Now I would think adding a Demon Hunter class would make a ton of sense when the expansion itself is going to be about Demons. So I see that being a hero class in the future. That being said we may still see a hero class in the next expansion, but I believe Blizzard would leave it until the final expansion and we will have races again in the next expansion.

    Would you rather have Bagellord or Wally in your group?

    Well that is a nightmare that I would rather not think about.

    That is it for this week hope you all got the answers you were looking for. Next Week's Reader Post I want to hear what you think the next hero class will be or what you think will be the next 2 playable races. As always you have until Thursday night to get entries in. Enjoy what is left of your weekend

    Friday, June 10, 2011

    I Miss You Dearly

    Hey it's Friday, in case you didn't know that is. I know, I know I really tried hard for a good opener there. But whatever, today is Friday and Friday means it is time for the Reader Post. You know the post where all of you make up what the post will be about. This week I asked for your submissions on what you miss from the game that used to be in it. I got a lot of crazy interesting responses so let's take a look shall we

    My poor poor Ruby Shades. The Shades seem to have completely disappeared from Haris Pilton's inventory without no warning from Blizzard..Such are the ways of high fashion indeed.. Maybe after going out of style, the production of shades has been discontinued, possibly making it a sought after vintage piece in the future! My bank alts have never been the same since.

    Looking back and remembering I never thought how much fun was being taken out of the game when I read "You can no longer accept a warlock summoning while you are in combat.". Little did we know that mobs would join you where you were summoned. Oh the days of bringing instance bosses to Orgrimmar...

    I miss how no matter the place you could bring as many people as you wanted. 40 people in Strat, 30 people in Wailing Caverns. That was amazing! I understand why they removed it, but that was fun as hell.

    I remember as a hunter using Eyes of the Beast to leave a flight path and then randomly being able to fly around Azeroth. This was even before flying mounts were even thought about. Oh the silly amazing bugs that the game used to have.

    I miss how the kodos in the barrens would stomp to no end and stun lock you, and then the entire pack would kill you no matter what level you were. It was like "ya attack us netural kodos you dumb bitch, so we can stomp your ass till you die!". Oh the ways I used to die.

    That is it for this week. As always thank you to everyone who sent in something. These posts wouldn't be possible without your contributions.

    Thursday, June 9, 2011

    4.2 Soon?

    According to MMO-Champion patch 4.2 is looking to be released on June 21st. This would mean we have less than 2 weeks before the patch. I thought I would do a little bit of a public service of the things you should make sure you get done before the patch hits.

    1. If you want to be able to complete the current content on Normal mode before all the nerfs come into play. To put this into perspective you have the rest of this week then next week to get this done. Only one more reset so if you are serious about this you better get to it.
    2. Spend your Valor points. If you are capped with Justice points like most people all your Valor will not be turn into Justice they will instead be converted into gold at a rate of 47s per point.
    3. Make sure you complete the Hyjal zone up until you see the regrowth. If you haven't then you will not be able to participate in the new Hyjal area until you have. So yes the simplest thing is to complete it beforehand so you don't have to speed through it. Hyjal currently is a great zone to quest in. Make sure you enjoy it for what it is and not rush through it.
    4. Looking back at #1 read up on the Legendary quest and if you are interested what do you need to have completed in order to start it up. The most important thing is you need to have completed the previous tier of content.
    5. Bag space for the keys that you have. You may have to do some cleaning so you have the bag space for your keys now that will randomly appear in your bags.
    6. New BH boss. Read up on it so PUGs aren't horrible and there isn't a massive learning curve.
    7. Lastly make sure you get all your addons in order and you don't spend 6 hours figuring them out.
    Hopefully that was helpful. Good luck at getting everything in order.

    Wednesday, June 8, 2011

    Gotta Love Bagellord

    So someone sent this to me to bring a smile to my face so I decided to share it all with you in hopes that it would bring one to all of yours.

    Most of you know how Bagellord is an iconic figure to the Gauss Nation for his amazing and yet stupid tendencies. We have seen him miss a boat on countless occasions. Die from fatigue trying to save someone from drowning. Been voted Noob of the Year by the Gauss Nation for 2 consecutive years, and so much more. If you want a refresher of the one and only Bagellord check out the labels and read the posts will be well worth your time.

    Thank you once again Bagellord for making my day better.

    Tuesday, June 7, 2011

    You Fail At Complaining About Nerfs If...

    Happy Fail Day! Oh yes it is that day of the week again where it is time to feel better about yourself at someone else's expense. Oh how wonderful it is. This week I decided to run with a topic that is always on everyone's mind. The word which is frowned upon or cheer upon depending on what side of the fence you are a on. Yes the word. "nerf" so lets get to it.

    You Fail At Complaining About Nerfs If...
    • The first thing you ask is how your DK will solo old raid bosses
    • You think your constant complaining will actually make them reverse their decision
    • You think it is unfair that your spells can no longer one shot players
    • You think it is unfair to your epeen that previous tier content is nerfed
    • You say the changes will make your class harder to play
    • You a forum post asking for signatures for them to change their minds
    • You start going on and on about Welfare Epics
    • Your main complaint about the nerfs is you cannot macro your rotation to one key
    • You forget that most people in TBC were 2 tiers behind current content
    • Your main argument is the gear you earned will make you feel like less of a person
    • You think World First guilds care about past tiers being nerfed
    • You actually thought you were doing great because you are a good player
    • Everything you say is either "PvP ruined the game" or "PvE ruined the game"
    and finally
    • You say you are going to play RIFT now because the content is more difficult
    There you have it this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and wish you all the best of luck on this Free Loot Tuesday.

    Monday, June 6, 2011

    Classic Nostalgia

    Welcome to Monday everyone, hope everyone had a good weekend. Monday is, of course, is the day that we showcase a Machinima for everyone to enjoy. This week I decided to showoff a video that I saw the other day which rings true to a lot of people. People always go on and on about how Classic WoW was amazing compared to every other expansion. What they forget about was everything else that we had to put up with. People when looking back always have different views from when they were actually experiencing it. Now when watching this video the sound levels are a little off, which kinda messes the video up in some parts. So just remember to turn it up when the dialogue is going on. Other than that enjoy everyone. Hopefully it is a great start to your work week.

    Good luck on your last day before reset!

    Sunday, June 5, 2011

    Ask Gauss

    Sunday already it seems and didn't this weekend just fly by. Well at least for me that is. Sunday around here as most of you know is Ask Gauss. The post of the week where I answer some of your questions right here for everyone to have a look. If you are unsure how to send in your questions it really is a rather simple thing. There is a link on the top right of this page that you can click on or if that isn't your style just send an email to me at Now with all of that out of the way, let's get on with today's questions.

    Does it bother you that you will never have to travel to an instance ever again?

    I actually do miss having to go to an instance. Yes, it took time to head there and many of them would be insanely out of the way, but at least you got to see the world of the game. It seems to me now cities are more of a hub then ever, but the only time you get out of the city is when your queue pops, have a quest to do, or you're raiding. It used to be at least 20% of your time in game was traveling to places and seeing the world. Spotting that rare or seeing a great opportunity for a screenshot. That is what I miss, yes it is great at saving time, but just takes something away from the game.

    Think they will ever bring back realm only BGs?

    In a quick answer no. The problem with this is the population on servers is never never very close. This tends to increase the queue times to a level that is pretty unbearable. I became a High Warlord doing the realm only BGs and I can tell you it was a lot of fun going into a Battleground and everyone knowing you on either side. It seemed that back then the ranking players were almost iconic. You knew who each and everyone was on either side and it made rivalries very possible. This was a great thing for PvP and it really is missing this type of thing right now. But they will never bring it back because they do not want 1+ hour queue times for the overpopulated faction. I hope they find a way to bring this sort of style back, but it won't be in this way.

    I heard you were leveling a paladin?

    I also learned to fly.

    That is it this week, hope you all got what you wanted or needed out of it. For those waiting for it next week's Reader Post is going to be about what you miss when they added a new feature or took something away. As always you have until Thursday Night to get them in. Enjoy what is left of your weekend everyone.

    Friday, June 3, 2011

    I Don't Do The Raiding Thing

    Well it is Friday which means it is the end of the work week. More importantly though it is time for the weekly Reader Post. The post of the week which is left to all of you, the readers to create within the topics I give you. So it is like my day off before my day off so to speak. This week I asked all of you to send in your thoughts on what you do, the non-raiders.

    Roleplaying! It's fun, and if you have never tried it before, it is really worth a try! Roleplaying is to many an unseen aspect of this game, and I find that sad. Personally, RP is one of my favourite parts of this game. I've been active in a Forsaken RP guild for quite a while, and I've had a lot of fun.

    I usually could keep the fun coming for myself by leveling alts, dungeons, some rep stuff and you know that kind of stuff. At the moment I am playing DK as main character and I tried to do some dedicated pvp and arena's but it's just not made for me. I tried reputation farming but I get rather quick bored ( hehe! ) and I think since that ZA & ZG were released I ran all my four 85's trough it and got pretty much whole gear sets for each spec as I kind of like gearing characters up and experiencing the game style of them.

    I arena and PvP very competitively. I love the idea and feel of PvP being so intense and decision making in the spur of the moment. Yes I know it at the current time is very much based on which class you are, but that doesn't take away from it if you play one of those classes. I like the idea of going against peers and not an AI boss. It actually makes me feel like it is more of an accomplishment. I have complete respect for the raiders, but it just isn't my thing.

    I think it is a lot of fun to play the economic game. See how much money you can make off the AH with gimmicks. Try to forge a monopoly on something. Try to get players to buy your goods over someone else's. Maybe this is because I work in public relations so I like to interact with people. I get to test out things in WoW before seeing them in realife. Or maybe I just play WoW on the risky side compared to sitting back on the real stage. I think gold making is just a game of wits and is as fun as taking down any boss.

    That is it for this week. Thank you to everyone and their submissions, as always this wouldn't be possible without them. If you would like to partake in next week's post check out Sunday's Ask Gauss post to find out what the topic will be. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

    Thursday, June 2, 2011

    Encounter Journal

    So I read this a few days ago on the Daily Blink and it made me laugh. I saw it again today and it was still just as funny. So the only logical thing I thought to do was share it with you all so you can all laugh with me.

    If it was only this way it would be much more enjoyable. Hopefully this was a great start to all of your days.

    Wednesday, June 1, 2011

    Roaring Good Time

    So for those who didn't notice when 4.1 came out the roar sounds were disabled for the Goblin and Worgen races. I didn't notice because I don't play either race. But incase you haven't heard here is the blue post

    Hey everyone!

    As many of you who play goblins and worgen may have noticed, the sound usually associated with your characters' "/roar" emote was removed in patch 4.1. This was done to help resolve an issue that caused the sounds associated with the both the "/roar" and "/attack" emotes to play simultaneously whenever the "/attacktarget" command was used.

    We know that many of you missed hearing your /roars, so we're happy to report that, in patch 4.2, goblin and worgen characters will once again have a sound associated with the emote. Even better, we're adding brand new sounds for "/roar" for all playable races.

    We're excited to be able to introduce these new sounds and hope you have a roarin' good time with the updated emotes. (Yes, I went there. Rawr. :3)

    Yes there is now a /roar emote with a sound file with everyone. MMO Champion has done us all the service of showing us what these sound like.

    Obviously, the BC female races are bugged at the moment, since they appear to be doing the /charge emote instead. I think this is a great idea by Blizzard to update some of the emotes so they actually have sounds. Good on you Blizzard keep up the good work.