Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rage of The Firelands Trailer

If you all didn't know the trailer for patch 4.2 is upon us. It is out a little earlier than normal. I'll let you watch it before I tell you my thoughts.

"Across the breadth of Azeroth, the Horde and the Alliance have dealt crushing blows to Deathwing's elemental minions and fanatic Twilight's Hammer cultists. Through it all, the Earthen Ring has never wavered from its tireless charge, holding Azeroth itself together amid the tidal fury and errant magical energies that churn at the Maelstrom. Yet as the elements continue their chaotic upheaval, it seems that the noble shamanic order might finally be on the verge of breaking beneath the great weight that rests on its shoulders. Even Thrall, for all of his wisdom and skill, has grown aggravated by his failure to effectively communicate with Azeroth's elements. Recently, his calls were acknowledged, but the malevolent entity that responded has only intensified Thrall's fears and doubts...."

I think this trailer is extremely well done and I am not just saying that because I am a fan of Thrall. I think the best trailers Blizzard has done have been the ones that have been set as the point of view of one person. I think this is one of the best trailers in my opinion right up there with the Ulduar, Zul'Aman and Black Temple Trailers. This also really blends well with the theme of Cataclysm because you know the destruction of the world and how important Thrall is. Also this ties in perfectly to the entire Thrall questline which is going to be apart of this patch.

 Congrats Blizzard on an excellent trailer.