Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Roaring Good Time

So for those who didn't notice when 4.1 came out the roar sounds were disabled for the Goblin and Worgen races. I didn't notice because I don't play either race. But incase you haven't heard here is the blue post

Hey everyone!

As many of you who play goblins and worgen may have noticed, the sound usually associated with your characters' "/roar" emote was removed in patch 4.1. This was done to help resolve an issue that caused the sounds associated with the both the "/roar" and "/attack" emotes to play simultaneously whenever the "/attacktarget" command was used.

We know that many of you missed hearing your /roars, so we're happy to report that, in patch 4.2, goblin and worgen characters will once again have a sound associated with the emote. Even better, we're adding brand new sounds for "/roar" for all playable races.

We're excited to be able to introduce these new sounds and hope you have a roarin' good time with the updated emotes. (Yes, I went there. Rawr. :3)

Yes there is now a /roar emote with a sound file with everyone. MMO Champion has done us all the service of showing us what these sound like.

Obviously, the BC female races are bugged at the moment, since they appear to be doing the /charge emote instead. I think this is a great idea by Blizzard to update some of the emotes so they actually have sounds. Good on you Blizzard keep up the good work.