Monday, June 6, 2011

Classic Nostalgia

Welcome to Monday everyone, hope everyone had a good weekend. Monday is, of course, is the day that we showcase a Machinima for everyone to enjoy. This week I decided to showoff a video that I saw the other day which rings true to a lot of people. People always go on and on about how Classic WoW was amazing compared to every other expansion. What they forget about was everything else that we had to put up with. People when looking back always have different views from when they were actually experiencing it. Now when watching this video the sound levels are a little off, which kinda messes the video up in some parts. So just remember to turn it up when the dialogue is going on. Other than that enjoy everyone. Hopefully it is a great start to your work week.

Good luck on your last day before reset!


  1. so true although I don't understand why that wasn't a prot warrior tank and not a druid. They were all healers dammit!