Thursday, June 30, 2011

Scary Stuff?

So I saw a post today relating to what you are scared of in WoW and it triggered a memory of a forum post which existed years ago when "The Children of Goldshire" were the topic of conversation. First off I don't know if they still exist in game, but I would hope Blizzard didn't take them out. For those who don't know I will give you all the information and you can go and check out if they still exist in game.

  • There is a house with six children upstairs named Cameron, Jose, John, Aaron, Lisa, and Dana
  • These children form themselves in a pentagram
  • All have 42 life
  • The music changes when you go inside the room with the children to a creepy music
  • You can hear C'thun whispers in this room
  • If you stand in the centre of the Pentagram you are exactly 666 yards from Stormwind
  • There is plenty of 666s in the fireplace
  • There is 3 groups of 6 graves outside the house
So maybe you didn't know about this, but now you have something to explore. Hopefully they still exist because it was something that stirred up the WoW community for a really long time.

Here is an old video of the area that lets you see the change in music and the formation of the children

Happy hunting and putting out fires in the Firelands!


  1. this is right up there with the Kara Crypt

  2. The children are still there with 42hp, the music is less creepy but still changes, no pentagram positioning though, and I did not see any 666 references

  3. Once 4.0 was released, I remember checking this out for myself.
    Before 7 AM server time, I was going around Elwynn Forest. I spotted the children and figured to follow them, to see if this was real.
    I had seem them go towards, slowly walking, the house and up to the top floor. They formed themselves into a pentagram. I waited there for a few minutes when I heard a banshee death sound followed by a C'thune whisper "Death is close".
    I can confirm that they are still there as of 4.0