Friday, June 24, 2011

I Wish But Sadly It Won't Happen

Oh is it Friday again? This means it is time for he Reader Post because that is what everyone has to get them through the work week right? This week I wanted you all to tell me what you thought Blizzard should add to the game, but in all likely hood never would add. So shall we see what is on everyone's mind?

There is a simple concept that I have been thinking about for the longest time that I don't know if it is practical at all by a programming standpoint. But have you ever just been grinding mobs and for mats or even for quests or even helping out low level characters and there is just way too many mobs to sit there and loot one by one? Well why doesn't Blizzard just put something in where you can target and area and loot everything in that area. I guess you could call it AoE looting. Seems like it would be one of the greatest things put into the game for the grinders, but may favour the Gold farming and bots too much.

I know you have spoke about this before, but neutral races where you can decide from time to time what side you are on Horde and Alliance. I really think this is great for races such as the Pandaren, Tuskar, and Furbolgs since they have ties to both sides. I know that switching back and forth is really a headache, but it really puts into practice the fact that diplomatic relations are put to the test and change. This of course would make faction transfers useless which basically the reason this would never happen.

Guild Instances. Basically would kil lthe community feature of WoW because everyone would hangout in their guild instance. This thought would give people with an unheard of amount of gold something to spend it on. There really needs to be something for gold making champions something to spend their fortunes on besides making more and more gold.

Zeppelins and Ships. Hey we have multiple seat mounts so why not have a mount that isn't a mount but one of these. Of course these would be beyond expensive, but just think of the possibilities carrying anyone and everyone. This wouldn't happen because how would Blizzard stop people from getting to the "end of the world". This is my dream though so I can keep hoping.

Attacking while mounted! Now I know we had jousting, but I am talking about using our abilities while on mounts. I want to be on my kodo and blasting some punk with my pyroblast. Just think of how epic two person mounts would be with this. This would need stupid balance changes, but who cares the fun factor would be endless, and isn't this what the game is about?

That is it for this week hope you all enjoyed it. As always if you want to partake in next week's reader post look for the topic during Sunday's Ask Gauss post. Good luck getting all your flames this weekend.

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