Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You Fail At Thinking Today Was Patch Day If...

Happy Fail Day everyone! You know the day when it is all about Fail. Well not my Fail, but others fails. Well I guess sometimes it is my fails too, but that doesn't matter. Why am I rambling like crazy? Anyways, Fail Day and this week we have an extra special one for all of you out there that are easily confused. So let's stop waiting and get right to it.

You Fail At Thinking Today Was Patch Day If...
  • You spent all your Valor points on useless things so they wouldn't be wasted
  • You converted your Valor points to conquest because you needed another week to get enough Valor points to buy anything of use
  • You parked all your toons by the spawn locations of rare mobs
  • You posted your auctions before you went to bed last night in the hopes of making gold from the patch
  • You bought up all kinds of materials for way overpriced amounts so you could have the materials to make something today
  • You stayed up for 100 hours straight increasing your rating high enough to be Gladiator level
  • You won 100 Rated Battlegrounds yesterday so you could be one of the first to ride the pretty new mounts
  • You logged out all 30 of your 85s in Hyjal in hopes that at least one of them would be able to log on and get into the Firelands
  • You tweeted how excited you were for the patch on twitter with a 5 hour countdown
  • You logged on and yelled in trade "Isn't it a great day to be patch day"
  • You updated all your addons one by one when they weren't even updated for the patch
  • Your Facebook status for the day was "OMG ITS PATCH DAY"
  • You booked the day off work so you could be "prepared"
  • You posted the longest forum post in history about how this patch day has ruined WoW and how it will be the death of the game
and finally
  • You got a tattoo "I survived patch day 06/21/11" with a little Ragnaros beside it
There you have it, this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and none of you were included in this weeks fails. Good luck on what actually in all likelyhood is your last reset before the patch.

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    1. I can already tell many of these things will already happen. Some people are so predictable.