Friday, June 10, 2011

I Miss You Dearly

Hey it's Friday, in case you didn't know that is. I know, I know I really tried hard for a good opener there. But whatever, today is Friday and Friday means it is time for the Reader Post. You know the post where all of you make up what the post will be about. This week I asked for your submissions on what you miss from the game that used to be in it. I got a lot of crazy interesting responses so let's take a look shall we

My poor poor Ruby Shades. The Shades seem to have completely disappeared from Haris Pilton's inventory without no warning from Blizzard..Such are the ways of high fashion indeed.. Maybe after going out of style, the production of shades has been discontinued, possibly making it a sought after vintage piece in the future! My bank alts have never been the same since.

Looking back and remembering I never thought how much fun was being taken out of the game when I read "You can no longer accept a warlock summoning while you are in combat.". Little did we know that mobs would join you where you were summoned. Oh the days of bringing instance bosses to Orgrimmar...

I miss how no matter the place you could bring as many people as you wanted. 40 people in Strat, 30 people in Wailing Caverns. That was amazing! I understand why they removed it, but that was fun as hell.

I remember as a hunter using Eyes of the Beast to leave a flight path and then randomly being able to fly around Azeroth. This was even before flying mounts were even thought about. Oh the silly amazing bugs that the game used to have.

I miss how the kodos in the barrens would stomp to no end and stun lock you, and then the entire pack would kill you no matter what level you were. It was like "ya attack us netural kodos you dumb bitch, so we can stomp your ass till you die!". Oh the ways I used to die.

That is it for this week. As always thank you to everyone who sent in something. These posts wouldn't be possible without your contributions.


  1. I remember hitting those damn kodos

  2. summons in combat make sense i guess they just never realized how to deal with the aggro issues