Monday, June 20, 2011

Retarded Flying Lion

Happy Monday everyone! The day which we wish was not today. But alas this isn't true. What is true though is that it is Machinima Monday the day of the week where I show a machinima for all of you to sit watch and enjoy. Well I guess you could stand up and watch it, but why would you do that? Regardless, this week I decided to go with a video which decides to break out in song about our new favourite lion mount. This is done by Myndflame the same person who brought us ROFL Bear, Illegal danish and who can forget ARCANITE REAPER HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! So without making you wait any longer here is this beauty.

Hope you all enjoyed it and remember not to waste your bonus week this coming week. So this is in fact your second to last reset before 4.2.


  1. Gotta say this is a hilarious piece, loved it. Honestly I did get one cuz orcs look lame on tiny wyverns. Still massive applause to the animators and fun. Good stufff and bravo!

  2. The Chickens made this epci