Monday, June 13, 2011

Eternal Rose

Monday! Yes today is Monday, more commonly known as the most depressing day of the week. This is why Monday is the perfect day to showcase Machinima, that and they both start with the letter "m" and we can have a cool name with alliteration "Machinima Monday". So what did I choose to show with you all this week? You may remember a few weeks ago I shared a video with you all called "Rude Awakening" this was done by someone named Master Vertex. This new video "Eternal Rose" has some spectacular animation, and builds a story, which makes you hope for more in the future just like his previous video. So without making you wait any longer to see this masterpiece here it is Eternal Rose

Hope you enjoyed it. Good luck on your last day before reset and preping for your last reset before the new patch.


  1. Wow that was really amazing and well done

  2. very nice indeed. Look forward to seeing more of his stuff in the future