Friday, June 17, 2011

What's To Come

Well here we are on yet another Friday. Oh Friday how we love the. The end of the work week is always a great day. We can sit back relax do the most minimal amount of work and, of course,  enjoy the Reader Post for the week. This week I asked you all to send in what you thought would be the next hero class or what you thought the next two playable races would be. So let's have a look shall we

Arokkoa could go Horde or Alliance. They're a deeply spiritual race, with a dark past, that has views that straddle Troll worship of animal spirits, Dwarven veneration of ancestors, and tenancies toward even Shadow magic and the Light. Despite not having any females (per se) in game, they do have at least three different models. Druid, Shaman, Priest, and Paladin all seem easily available; though their Priests are likely Shadow, and their Paladins might not see the Light quite the same way that Humans or even Draenei do. Ethereal are another race that wish would have been capitalized on. Like Goblins, they'd have to have a reason to choose sides, simply because it's usually more profitable to sell to both sides of a conflict. Ethereals are very structured, they form little groups for almost any task, which tend to be headed by "Princes" and "Kings" which amount to more like the CEO of a company than anything.

Ogres have a long and noted history with the Horde already. It's almost strange that they aren't already a player race. There is the question of the whole female Ogre thing, but I'm sure the Blizzard art department could come up with something that meets all expectations. Also Furblogs always come up due to their association with Night Elves. Supposedly they helped in the War of the Ancients, but in game, the ones you actually can talk to (and will talk back) are few and far between. I'd like to see this race developed, some more of them restored to their presumed glory that they held back in ancient times, but for now the Timbermaw remain the only group with a crafted structure of any size. They make camps and such, sure, but so do Centaurs and Quilboars; I might even say that their structures are more elaborate. And with Worgen being the "savage animal" stereotype for the Alliance, I'm just not sure where Furblogs fit anymore.

PANDAREN! This way they could put in the Brewmaster Hero class without an issue at all. The problem is the Brewmaster would only fit with the Pandaren. The other option for a Hero class could be a monk since the Pandaren pet in game is in fact a monk.

Kalu'ak and Pandaren would be the most epic of race additions in the same expansion. Could you imagine how amazing adding these two would be?

Ethereals and Mok'Nathal would be two great additions in my opinion. You could also add a Beast Master Hero class at the same time, and some sort of elemental lord type for the Ethereals. Just a thought although I know Blizzard probably doesn't want Horde and Alliance to have different classes again like they did with Shaman and Paladin.

Demon Hunter is all I have ever wanted and the reason I am playing WoW. Blizzard needs to create this Hero class it will be absolutely amazing to have in game.

PYGMIES! That is all.     
That is it for this week, thank you all who submitted responses. To those whose I didn't include just don't have the space to put every single one in. If you are interested in participating next week look for next week's topic during Sunday's Ask Gauss post. Enjoy your last weekend before 4.2 all.


  1. Ethereals would be great o have playable would so roll one instantly

  2. Pygmies please god no....