Friday, June 3, 2011

I Don't Do The Raiding Thing

Well it is Friday which means it is the end of the work week. More importantly though it is time for the weekly Reader Post. The post of the week which is left to all of you, the readers to create within the topics I give you. So it is like my day off before my day off so to speak. This week I asked all of you to send in your thoughts on what you do, the non-raiders.

Roleplaying! It's fun, and if you have never tried it before, it is really worth a try! Roleplaying is to many an unseen aspect of this game, and I find that sad. Personally, RP is one of my favourite parts of this game. I've been active in a Forsaken RP guild for quite a while, and I've had a lot of fun.

I usually could keep the fun coming for myself by leveling alts, dungeons, some rep stuff and you know that kind of stuff. At the moment I am playing DK as main character and I tried to do some dedicated pvp and arena's but it's just not made for me. I tried reputation farming but I get rather quick bored ( hehe! ) and I think since that ZA & ZG were released I ran all my four 85's trough it and got pretty much whole gear sets for each spec as I kind of like gearing characters up and experiencing the game style of them.

I arena and PvP very competitively. I love the idea and feel of PvP being so intense and decision making in the spur of the moment. Yes I know it at the current time is very much based on which class you are, but that doesn't take away from it if you play one of those classes. I like the idea of going against peers and not an AI boss. It actually makes me feel like it is more of an accomplishment. I have complete respect for the raiders, but it just isn't my thing.

I think it is a lot of fun to play the economic game. See how much money you can make off the AH with gimmicks. Try to forge a monopoly on something. Try to get players to buy your goods over someone else's. Maybe this is because I work in public relations so I like to interact with people. I get to test out things in WoW before seeing them in realife. Or maybe I just play WoW on the risky side compared to sitting back on the real stage. I think gold making is just a game of wits and is as fun as taking down any boss.

That is it for this week. Thank you to everyone and their submissions, as always this wouldn't be possible without them. If you would like to partake in next week's post check out Sunday's Ask Gauss post to find out what the topic will be. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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  1. OMG a pvper that respects PvE...they exist!