Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You Fail At Reading The Patch Notes If...

Happy Fail Day and Happy Patch Day. What a day combination. So normally these days tend to be some of my most popular in history so lets make it actually having to do with the patch I thought. So here we go.

You Fail At Reading The Patch Notes If...
  • You are thinking what is this Firelands everyone is talking about?
  • You are wondering what is this "conference" going on by the world tree
  • You have all these keys in your bags that should be on your keyring
  • You are going on and on to everyone how you downloaded this mod which is called encounter journal that you didn't even know you downloaded.
  • You keep complaining how Blizzard will never put a caster legendary into the game in trade
  • You are bitching about how all your valor points got taken away
  • You think you bugged out the game because your heals are critting for a lot more than they used to
  • You don't understand why you are being locked out of two schools of spells when you are being interrupt while casting frostfire
  • You are dying while playing your death knight
  • You complaining how your roots are bugged out and are not doing any damage
  • People now want to raid with my holy pally now
  • You are wondering why "my rogue still sucks"
  • You say "my Enhance Shaman is doing damage for some reason"
and finally
  • You didn't even know there was a patch
That is it for this week hope you all enjoyed it and are enjoying the patch.

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