Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pro Screenshots

Now I don't do a screenshot post on a weekly basis even more so on a monthly basis, but that doesn't stop people from sending me countless screenshots that they think I will enjoy. Many of them I have seen on other sites, but that doesn't hurt at all to see them once again. So as a tribute to everyone who sends in the screens today I decided to show a couple of them.

This screenshot I find quite amusing since it makes me me think USE THE FORCE!!! Gives me a laugh every time I look at it. If only he had the lightsaber sword while doing this it would be even more amazing.
This is one of the best looking screenshot moments I have seen in a long time. It is one of those exact moments when you are searching for your print screen option and you found it. I know countless times I have missed the opportunity to take a shot such as this, but I am glad as I am sure you are that this person was able to snap this screen in time.

So there you have it a couple great screens for you all to see. Like I said I don't have a set post or anything about getting screenshots in, but I always enjoy looking at all the ones sent my way. Thank you all and keep them coming.


  1. LOL the camel one is pure genious

  2. Wow the second one is like a perfect saw. Wish I had that kind of timing with mine. Seems I always just miss it.