Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You Fail At Future Lore If...

So it is Tuesday which means I owe you all a Happy Fail Day. Oh yes the day of the week where we make it a point to make certain people feel that much less of themselves at our own expense. This week I have decided to look into the future and make others realize what they should already know.

You Fail At Future Lore If
  • You think Thrall will return to being Warchief
  • You believe that we have seen the last of Illidan
  • You think anyone other than Magatha will be the first Tauren boss in the game
  • You believe some how Arthas is not dead
  • You think Outlands will be redone other than a small Demon Hunter section
  • You believe Sylvannas is untouchable and will always lead the Forsaken
  • You think it is impossible that Varian and Jaina will ever be a couple
  • You still believe Thrall and Jaina will be an item
  • You believe Pandarens can never be a race because there is some law in China against it
  • You think WoW won't end at level 100
  • You think someone other than Nozdormu is the leader of the Infinite Dragonflight
  • You ever think there will be a netural race that you choose which faction to be apart of
  • You think the Neptulon story is actually finished and done with
  • You believe that Queen Azshara won't be the big cheese in the next expansion
and finally
  • You think Deathwing will actually be the final boss of this expansion

That is it for this week. Hope you all feel that much better after reading this. Good luck on this last reset before the patch in all likely hood.


  1. Old god being the last boss then?

  2. Looking at the list, I don't know that Sylvannas is untouchable but I don't foresee who would replace her offhand and what events would lead to it.

    Varian and Jaina seems like one of those obvious relationships waiting to happen.

    I honestly thought Azshara was going to be the boss of this expansion until the whole Deathwing thing...

    I've thought for a long time that WoW's done at 100 and I see nothing to change that. Three more expansions at 5 levels per expansion is about the longevity I expect.