Monday, June 27, 2011

World of Warcraft is Dead

Here we are once again on a Monday morning. You know the day everyone loves to hate and always wishes why it cannot be a long weekend. Well that's why we have Machinima Monday's. This week I decided to go with a video which is a collaboration of two of my favourite WoW youtube peoples. WoWCrendor Jessie Cox from OMFG Cata. They put together this video which basically speaks to the claims WoW is dead and goes over all the times over the years where people have been saying WoW is dead. So sit back and have a laugh for all the times you experienced these things.

Hope that has made your day that much better. Enjoy your day and your last day before patch 4.2 it is upon us so be ready.


  1. Additional instances cannot be launch... oh the pain and suffering