Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Poor Tanks

So wanted to start out todays post with something from the Daily Blink.

This is the kind of thing I guess you have to understand if you have played a tank and a DPS. This being a DPS first then moving on to the tank. It is about realizing how stupid some DPSers can be and then blame it on the inability of the tank. Any tank knows how frustrating it is for a DPS to hit a sheep pull aggro on adds not being tanked, running away from the tank when you have aggro, and so on and so forth.

Wrath as we know made this even more of an issue with the nuke fest heroics and we paid for that at the start of Cata when people just assumed CC was not even needed at all. So for all of you DPS you know who you are, when you do a heroic today make it an effort to give your tank a hug before his head explodes in endless frustration.


  1. That is the most epic daily blink I have ever seen.

  2. to my fellow tanks....I love you