Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You Fail At Complaining About Nerfs If...

Happy Fail Day! Oh yes it is that day of the week again where it is time to feel better about yourself at someone else's expense. Oh how wonderful it is. This week I decided to run with a topic that is always on everyone's mind. The word which is frowned upon or cheer upon depending on what side of the fence you are a on. Yes the word. "nerf" so lets get to it.

You Fail At Complaining About Nerfs If...
  • The first thing you ask is how your DK will solo old raid bosses
  • You think your constant complaining will actually make them reverse their decision
  • You think it is unfair that your spells can no longer one shot players
  • You think it is unfair to your epeen that previous tier content is nerfed
  • You say the changes will make your class harder to play
  • You a forum post asking for signatures for them to change their minds
  • You start going on and on about Welfare Epics
  • Your main complaint about the nerfs is you cannot macro your rotation to one key
  • You forget that most people in TBC were 2 tiers behind current content
  • Your main argument is the gear you earned will make you feel like less of a person
  • You think World First guilds care about past tiers being nerfed
  • You actually thought you were doing great because you are a good player
  • Everything you say is either "PvP ruined the game" or "PvE ruined the game"
and finally
  • You say you are going to play RIFT now because the content is more difficult
There you have it this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and wish you all the best of luck on this Free Loot Tuesday.


  1. Hey now I knew my DK had retarded self healing, but I AM A HERO class isn't it supposed to be this way?

  2. you mean those forum posts don't work?