Tuesday, May 31, 2016

You Fail At Gaming Controls If

Fail Day! Yes it is that time of the week once again where we get to feel better about ourselves because of someone else's misfortune. This week I decided to look how some controls in games just aren't meant for people.

You Fail At Gaming Controls If...

  • You have trouble pressing X to Jason
  • You don't know how to do a hadouken
  • You can't hold mulltiple buttons at one time
  • You look forward to one button fatalities
  • You suck at maintaining cover and just run around aimlessly
  • Positioning is overly complicated
  • Your greatest gaming feats are done by button mashing
  • You curse motion controls because they require physical effort
  • You don't know any shortcut keys
  • You think the xbox controller is the best one ever designed
  • You don't know the "enter" button on any form of controller

And Finally

  • You are a clicker or a keyboard turner

There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and maybe just maybe learned something

Monday, May 30, 2016

A Thief's Journey

Monday, yes your week is off and away and you just aren't ready for it at all. You are still wondering where the weekend went and probably will be till at least Wednesday when you then will switch your hope till the next weekend. So while that is all going through your head watch this week's showcase video from White24Room which is probably the best Uncharted tribute I have seen. There is a few clips from Uncharted 4, but nothing super spoilerish so sit back and enjoy the distraction.

Wasn't I right?

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Here we are once again at the end of the weekend. If you are getting the weather I have the last couple days it has been quite a warm one as well. Well warm for my standards I guess. Sunday also means time for some questions to be answered so why don't we just get to it.

So Overwatch, all it is expected to be?

Well I think it is getting people to play it who aren't overly interested in the genre. Blizzard is a master at this. They take elements that gamers from all places would find interesting and put it to work. People will keep playing it and Blizzard will patch it to keep people playing. Sure the initial craze will die off, but there will be a community that will stick with it especially with a Pro scene on the way.

Will the Warcraft Movie be a bust?

I don't think so. I believe it will make the money it will be expected to be. Fantasy will never be looked good upon by critics. It just won't. Lord of the Rings was the exception, which really was probably just done so people would shut up about critics hating fantasy. The most important thing in my eyes is that the fans of the story and lore appreciate and enjoy it, and I think this will be the case.

Why only 3 questions?

Cause I randomly decide things.

There you have it questions answered for the week. Hope you all got something out of it one way or another. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Talking Overwatch

Friday, which means we follow the habit of it being time for a Reader Post. With that Overwatch is on a lot of people's minds. What I have also noticed as is the case with most Blizzard games is people tend to venture into genres they don't normally with their new games. So as some people aren't used to certain mechanics or gameplay styles you get questions about the game. Now with this week's Reader Post I think we get a lot of that, but also there is some good points as well so give Sajakain a chance and have a read.

Hey folks!

I just wanted to throw out some thoughts about the game and it's lifespan. 

Since this game has gone live I have accumulated 16 hours of gameplay, level 26, and some mediocre stats as my guildmates and I have taken this game on every single day (and most of the nights) since launch. Something that has already come up in our discussions is the fact that we've almost extinguished the game. (Don't get me wrong; we will still continue to play; I'm not complaining here... just opening up dialogue for conversation and ideas.)

We're getting stuck in a rotation and lull of the same 12 maps over and over again. It's well at the point that when a map comes up we know what heroes to play, where to go, what to do and overall we're pretty successful while having fun and creating some great memories to laugh at later down the road. This will not last forever, though. Even when competitive play comes into account it'll still be (at this point) the same 12 maps just with more (hopefully) organized play and higher stakes. Why do we keep playing right now? We're simply looking for those cool skins and sprays... but mainly the skins. :P What happens, then, when a person collects them all? What purposes would there be to play?

Some things we believe would greatly benefit this game and keep players coming back for potentially years to come:
Add new heroes. This doesn't have to be done every month; even every three months would suffice. It'd bring a change to the game that some players would enjoy.

Create a campaign? The lore alone in the videos and comics that has been released combined with the capabilities of Blizzard's story telling could lead to one hell of a campaign. If you must... follow suit with something Mortal Kombat has done - a campaign that the player switches heroes as the story progresses.

Here's the big one.... let the player base have access to a map editor. You cannot deny the success of titles that has this available in the FPS genre alone. Community-created content can add almost unlimited variety to keep players interested in logging in well after they've collected all unlocks for the heroes.

These are just a few ideas. Feel free to provide feedback and contribute to the conversation. Thanks for taking the time to listen.

Back to Overwatch. . .

Well there you have it some thoughts for the weekend!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Advertising Overload

So something has been bugging me lately and really it is a pretty stupid thing to have been bothering me. And when I say lately I mean basically for years, but lately is just the time I sat down and started writing about it. So we all know when a new game comes out that there will be tv ads telling you all about it. This is a normal thing it happens. The thing that has been bugging me though is that they never seem to stop. I just watch one set of commercial breaks and I shit you not 2 were for Overwatch and 2 were for Uncharted 4 and that was just during one break.

Has anyone else noticed this? There is advertising then there is drowning you in it. It seems for the first 3 weeks of a game coming out they tend not to only advertising it but make sure it is all you are thinking about. Do these companies really have this much of an advertising budget and realize commercials really aren't that expensive to run and just say you know what just don't stop running it. I want people to buy these games or if they don't I want them to feel guilty about doing so. Or better yet I want them to feel like they are being punished for not buying the game yet.

I really cannot be the only one who notices this. I also cannot be going crazy in being "aware" of it. I actually have got out a pen and paper and started to keep track and on what channel just to see if I am imagining this madness. I will, of course, keep you all up to date on the results regardless if it is in my mind or not.

So don't get me wrong I am not blaming the companies for doing this more like trying to understand the process of everyone involved. Because there is such a thing of too much, at least in my mind.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

They Don't Sell Folks Like Me A Ticket

Wednesday, yes here we are in the middle of the week wondering what we are going to do with ourselves to pass the time. Well if you are like most of the gaming world you have got your hands on your copy of Overwatch and are having a blast. With that in mind this week's list is all about my favourite Overwatch heroes.

5. Winston

Ever since I saw him in the original cinematic trailer I wanted to get a chance to play him. With that in mind his tank style is fun to play and never leaves gameplay on the boring side.

4. Genji

Who wouldn't like being a scifi samurai. Damage is always fun to play and this is no different just with a sword twist. 

3. Bastion

Defense can be fun to and definitely Bastion makes it that way. I really think they put that in mind when creating this hero.

2. Tracer

Voice acting and gameplay which makes me think what would happen if Taki from Soul Calibur had a gun. Maybe that's why I cannot get enough

1. McCree

Nothing like a good old fashion I just want to shoot you guy. McCree from the moment I saw him in the reveal trailer I just wanted to try him out. His gameplay style just leads to fun gameplay all around and that is what this game is supposed to be about.

So what about all of you? Who are your favourite heroes from Overwatch? Have you got a chance to play them all yet? As always let me know one way or another.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

You Fail At Being Ready For Overwatch If...

Tuesday, which means it is time for Fail Day to get itself on it's way. So what is in store for us today then? Well with Overwatch has officially come to us why not see who is ready and who isn't. So let's get to it.

You Fail At Being Ready For Overwatch If...

  • You have been living under a rock and didn't know it was out today
  • You have no idea what type of game it is
  • You don't know any of the characters names
  • You didn't play any of the beta
  • You got it for xbox
  • You have problems working as a team
  • You are "that guy" on every team
  • You can't recite at least one Tracer phrase
  • Your choice of character is who looks the coolest
  • You just keep going on an on how this is a shitty Team Fortress 2 clone

And Finally

  • You don't plan on playing at all

There you have this week's edition of fail. Hope you all got something out of it in one way or another.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Game Of Hyrule

It's Monday and a holiday in my neck of the woods. So no need to be sad about the week starting up. Not sure if you have noticed that many people have hopped on Game of Thrones hype train. Nothing new at all Megasteakman are no different with their Game of Hyrule video. Have a watch and enjoy!

And what did you think?

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Well this is the time where I normally say you feel horrible because your weekend is coming to an end, but it is Victoria Day weekend in my neck of the woods so then if you are like me your weekend isn't coming to an end. So if you are lucky like me you can enjoy the extra day otherwise than yes feel free to be depressed. So while you are doing one or the other let's get on with the questions.

Do you think Overwatch is going to get into Esport territory?

It seems as though Blizzard is heading in that direction. Really though that all depends on the community and the professional players if they want to put the time in. FPS games have been Esports for years. If the entertainment value is there and people are willing to put the time in for it to be competitive then it will work. Now will it be as big as the other major players? Well that remains to be seen.

What are your thoughts on the big changes coming in Civilization 6?

With a game going into its 6th iteration there better be changes coming or people will lose interest. Now the changes proposed to Diplomacy, Warfare, and Victory are done in the way that old players will be able to adapt without issues and new players will not be overly confused. Civilization is not new player friendly I think these changes actually do aim that in a new direction.

Why do hate on Call of Duty?

Is that a real question?

There you have it this week's questions all answered. Hopefully someone out there got something out of them. For all of those who sent something in thanks this would not be possible without all of your support and participation.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend if it is ending today or not.

Friday, May 20, 2016

It's All About Them Buffs

Friday! Here we are the week is coming to the close and we are off wondering again what the weekend has in store for us. While you are trying to decide on this why not check out this week's Reader Post coming to you from Zendrak who has some thoughts on community buffs coming back to Diablo III. So sit back and have a read.

I miss the Community Buffs we occasionally got. I know other people do as well (I am sure there are some that will post here saying they don't... cant make everyone happy /shrug)

I remember a while back a Blue posted that they stopped doing the Community Buffs because they felt like it forced people to play during certain time periods and they didn't want to promote that type of 'forced' play...

Well, I have a solution, on whatever weekend that the buff is to be released have it sent out as an item... like a potion that everyone gets in their mailbox. As long as they pick up the item from the mailbox During the weekend they can Use the item to get the buff at any time. To keep people from just saving them up and using several at once set an expiration on the actual item as well, maybe a month or two.

Basically if Blizzard wanted to do a buff this upcoming Holiday Weekend, say Double GRift Shards, they would mail out an item to everyone. The item would be in your mailbox Only during the weekend and expire at the end of the weekend. So as long as you picked it up During the weekend you can wait and use it at anytime during a set period. Once you use it your account would Have the buff for the set number of days (or logged in time) the buff is supposed to last.

If it was done this way we could Have buffs every couple of months and no one would feel Forced to play, they could just wait to use it until they had a free couple of days.

So many buff possibilities I wouldn't mind seeing...
Double Greater Rift Keys...
Double Goblins...
Double Bounties....
Double Blood Shards....
Double Exp...
Double Legendary Drops...
The buff that added the Herald to the Queen (cow goblin) into the game...
How about a buff that makes the Rifts you open into something really special?

If they added this mechanic and used it we could have all kinds of Community Buffs that do many fun and creative things and they could make it easy to just use it at your convenience. And not all the buffs would have to be a "Double" buff or something that makes us more powerful / gives us loot. Just make them fun and creative!

So well what are your thoughts? I guess bonus weekends are a great thing to talk about coming into the weekend.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Linear Is Not Bad

So I have got a lot of feedback on how some people don't think games with linear stories should be given the recognition that they deserve. I am here to state while some games give you choices of what you can do at any specific time there is in fact an order.

Now I know what you are thinking right now. You are thinking of specific examples when I am wrong. The fact is though I am not. There is a beginning middle and end to any story. You cannot do the end before the start and the middle is and always will be in the middle. Sure you have the "choice" to do specific things but you have to realize you can do those things but not the "choices" at the next section before you did this specific section.

Open world games give you the options that isn't up for debate, but for people to assume that the story progression of these games itself is not linear is really a load of crap. The important thing in any story is consistency and how it is developed. No one wants to watch a movie where it is all over the place. Except maybe a group of hipsters that would do it just to prove to me otherwise.

Stories are linear that is the way things are. Games don't have to be all the same way. Great games come in all different ways. People who realize this are the real gamers. People who can see variety as a great thing. If everything is the same it is boring there are no twists and turns and unexpected things that we all have grown to love as gamers. Think about that the next time you are going to complain about something and then if it is about Call of Duty then realize it is still ok to complain.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

You Were Good! See You Next Time!

So there has been a lot of talk of reviews and games getting talked about too much about their scores they have received. There is also another end to the spectrum when games may receive bad reviews and turn out to be looked at as pretty great games in the long run of things. So for my list this week I decided to talk about when reviews turned out to be quite wrong.

5. Assassin's Creed III

It is hard to follow Ezio that is for sure. Especially a character people liked so much he got his own trilogy. Also when the main character is at the opposite ends of the personality spectrum it tends to not go off ass well. The thing about it is and what people have realized is that ignoring the modern day story the reception of the third game would have been better from the get go if 4 came before 3, because the personality of the heroes was much closer. That being said people realize now that they were much harder on Conor than they should have been.

4. Diablo III

So when a game is expected for years and years it really will find it hard to live up to anything near the standard of what people expect. This game was trashed from the get go because it wasn't Diablo II and for the whole error 37 thing. Looking now 4 years later you can see much of the criticism to the game was unwarranted nostalgia issues.

3. League of Legends

Most of the reason I fill this game got a lot of flack on release because it was the first major game to promote itself as free to play. Many too offense to that type of mentality, but really the game responsible for the rise of the MMO esports scene is now laughing at all those reviews.

2.  Legend of the Dragoon

A game that got an initial score in the 60s range because of what many talk about as "the dotted line" yes it was a linear rpg, but that seemed to be something the reviews couldn't get over and nowadays many linear games are praised for being exactly what LoD was. Now this game is looked at as a darling among rpg fans and one of the best games the Playstation ever saw.

1. Mario Kart 64

It really is hard to believe people could be so wrong and the line that is most often quoted with how poor reviews can be is this "Even with all its bells and whistles. Mario Kart 64 is very likely to disappoint you after about a week". 20 years later and this game still is one of the best in many people eyes.

There they are. What do you think? Do you think these games got the initial reviews and reception they deserved? As always let me know in one way or another.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

You Fail At Complaining About Good Game Reviews If...

Fail Day! Here we are on yet another Fail Day. The days where we get to feel better about ourselves by making others feel completely worthless and idiotic. Unless, of course, you are one of those people then we all thank you for your sacrifice. This week with all the reviews that have been coming out for a certain game I have seen a lot of people being keyboard warriors about it so figured it was a good time to put all of them in their place.

You Fail At Complaining About Good Game Reviews If...

  • You have no idea what a good game is
  • You believe it is unheard of a game got a higher metascore than rolling simulator 3
  • You have never played the game
  • You never plan on playing the game
  • Because of the previous two you believe you have the best expert opinion
  • You don't think linear games deserve any recognition
  • You don't realize 99% of games have a linear story
  • You are anti cinematic game because you have obviously never seen a movie or a television show
  • You just like complaining about games you have yet to play or won't play
  • You are angry you bought an Xbox One
  • You took offence to the fact I insulted your precious Xbox

And Finally

  • You have no idea what I am talking about because you are busy playing Call of Duty

There you have it this week's edition of Fail hope you all enjoyed it or suffered through it accordingly.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Assassin's Creed Movie Trailer

Monday! Yes it is the start of the week and you should just get over it. You should have also already seen the Assassin's Creed Movie Trailer, but then I often wonder about those who appear to be living under rocks. So for those of you who haven't seen it or those of you who want to watch it again. Well that is exactly what I am showcasing this week even if it is not directly "gaming related" so enjoy!

Yes I know the music...

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes your weekend is once again coming to a close. I know it is hard to accept, but you have to get on the same page here. Sunday besides the obvious sadness that Monday is just around the corner is also the time for me to go through all the questions which have been sent to me throughout the week and pick some to answer on here. So while you are moping I will go ahead and do that.

How do you think Uncharted 4 ranks among the Uncharted games?

Uncharted 2 is one of the best games ever made so while Uncharted 4 is a great game it doesn't come close to Uncharted 2. Now all the Uncharted games are great games I think the ranking would put 3 or 4 as the second best game in the series depending on your preference of the stories of the games. As far as Naughty Dog should view this as a great thing because of the overwhelming support and great reviews the game has gotten from everyone around the gaming community.

So almost 10 million people played the Overwatch beta are you surprised?

Not really. New game which people where getting access to which is easy to jump into and fun to play. You can play solo or with a group and it is something that is always engaging and fun. There really is no reason to suspect anything different. Now if the numbers stay that high or higher when May 24th rolls around that will be something indeed for a purchasable game because really until recently there really hasn't been massive marketing for it. Maybe Blizzard themselves realized how much this game could take off.

Playing Legion beta?

Not as of yet. Really just haven't had the time yet.

There they are the questions for the week. Hopefully you all got something out of it. Thank you to everyone who sent something in if I answered yours on here or not. As always I will get to your questions eventually so please be patient and make sure you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Reader Review

Friday! Yes the weekend is on its way here and we are wondering what we all will be up to this weekend. Most of you are probably playing Uncharted 4 and enjoying it. Those of you not playing either haven't got the chance to pick it up yet, or have no interest in playing. If it is the latter than you probably should go back to playing Call of Duty and insulting someone's mother. As well all know CoD is the worlds greatest game in every iteration and nothing can compare to it in any way possible. Honestly though give your head a shake and play a real game. Moving on to this week's Reader Post from Marioparty17 which ends up being a user review of Uncharted 4, which I was taking seriously till the end, and then you will understand why I facepalmed. So enjoy!

Game end on a great note to every single person that enjoyed Uncharted games, but the game has the weakest set piece moments of all 4 games, I was expecting a Uncharted 3 but better, but I got a Uncharted 1 a lot of fan service too.

Story is actually very sensitive and not what you were expecting from trailers, but I enjoyed it a lot it tackled a lot of themes, and there a lot more "walk around and press x chapters "

Gameplay is refined to the core and very satisfying, you get those iffy moments, but it doesn't really attached to the immersion 

Open world segment are a blast but too short, they open up a lot but they feel more tacked on and feel underused 

Overall it a great game, but it disappointed me to say the least, maybe because it wasn't 60fps and didn't live up to what I was excepting, but don't let that stop you from buying it, I can see myself playing the multiplayer and replaying it time soon.

Well there you have it. Also read a review which talked about the game seriously until it had to mention the non 60fps part which in single player is not a problem since it is obviously smooth without it. Now as always this isn't to say 60 wouldn't be better, but it never once stated it would be so complaining about such things just makes you look like an obvious tool and troll.

Anyways, enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

That's A Lot Of Good Reviews

Now as most of you know I am not one to cherry pick reviews of games. Honestly, you know that many times I am all over game reviewers for being over critical of points or not critical enough on others. Also I hate it when they get reviewers who hate certain types of games to review a type of game they hate. Why? Well because that doesn't make any sense at all. They often criticize a game for not being the type of game they like.

Now there is one thing to have one review that sticks out. There is another thing when a game just has tons of reviews, which tend to state the same things. Give you a very good overall impression of a game. Saying that here is a list of review scores for Uncharted 4

Yes you are seeing that correctly. Even reviewers that hate this type of game and genre gave it a great score, which really is unheard of all around. So yes you can look at me like a fanboy for loving this game, but really I think this chart really speaks for itself. Yes, I knew this game was going to get some great reviews, but I never expected this to happen.

So I will keep playing and keep enjoying as it seems everyone else is doing the same.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Great The Power's Out, A Girl's Trapped

So here we are another Wednesday another middle to the week. We are also enjoying the second day of the Uncharted 4 release and many of us playing or yet to play and haven't savagely completed the entire story are wondering what will happen. So I put together a list on the things I am wondering about. So here goes.

5. Will I Have To Throw Grenades While Hanging

Everyone's favourite Uncharted thing to do. With the except of Drake mindlessly jumping to his death for no reason. Oh how I look forward to this each and every time.

4. What Is The Deal With His Brother

So Drake was an orphan who met with Sully and had this whole thief type life going for him. Now we were never introduced to this brother or knew anything about him. So yes, let's know more.

3. What Impossible Action Sequence Will Take Place

So we have done this next to impossible seado chase, rode a moving train while killing everything, fought a tank, caused a ship to sink and some how got out alive, climbed back into plane using it's cargo then survived the crash, and hopped from horses to cars and back again some how. Yes and that isn't even all of them.

2. Will All Of The Main Cast Survive

This is something everyone wants to know, and is pretty self explanatory.

1. Will There Be "Zombies"?

Well will there be?

There they are my top 5 things I want to get answered in Uncharted 4 in this week's list. Did I miss any? Let me know in one way or another.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

You Fail At Being Ready For Uncharted 4 If...

Fail Day! Yes it is Fail Day and if you were unaware it is also the day that we can finally get our hands on Uncharted 4. I don't know about all of you, but I am beyond excited to be playing this today. For everyone else we have a Fail Day just for you.

You Fail At Being Ready For Uncharted 4 If...
  • You didn't know it was coming out today
  • You think Naughty Dog games are overrated
  • You don't own a PS4
  • You think you will just pick it up on your xbox
  • They were out of copies when you went to pick one up
  • You don't think Nathan Drake is an awesome lead character
  • You are not at all curious out this brother thing
  • You didn't do a story refresher on the previous 3 games
  • You are not waiting to laugh at Drake's "normal" life
  • You don't know what all these zombie jokes are about
  • You have no interest in the story and will be going right to the mulitplayer
  • You believe there are better games you could be playing

And Finally
  • You have no interested in playing it

There you have it this week's edition of fail. Hope you all got a chuckle or something else out of it. Happy Treasure Hunting!

Monday, May 9, 2016

10 Years of Assassin's Creed

Monday! Not really something to be very excited about, but I felt like using an explanation point. Something you may not have known happened last week. Assassin's Creed turned 10 years old. Ya I know it makes me feel old as well. There have been many great memories over the years and Neosuko came out with a great tribute so have a watch and enjoy!

Well. Are you psyched up to play as I am?

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Ask Gauss

Sunday! And a Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there who deserve to be recognized. For the non-mothers out there we are wondering if our weekend was as productive as it should have been. While you are contemplating that though why don't we see what questions I am answering for the week. So let's get on that.

We are getting closer to Uncharted 4, how ready are you?

I supposed I am ready as the rest of the world is and that was they were ready the moment it was announced. There is a lot to be excited for. I know I am a little fanboy on this, but don't particularly care. Every gamer out there should be excited for this game. We will be privileged to a great and intriguing story and one whose gameplay elements while won't be difficult will keep us interactive in our game and want us to keep going. The only sad moment will be when we are done it may be the last we will see of Nathan Drake.

Thoughts on Heroes new Heroes?

I love the additions. I know Chromie is an interesting choice, but I think it gives us a loved character in the Warcraft universe without going all out dragon. I believe this is one of the major reasons we have not seen any of the aspects yet, because the devs are worried how that would all play out. There is a fine line of balance in a heroes kit. So yes for all of those upset one of the aspects or all of them are not in the game yet. They will be just give it some time to be balanced correctly.

Why don't you ever complain about anything?

Really? Are you new here?

There they are questions all answered for the week. Hopefully some if not all of you got something out of it in one way or another.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Hearthstone Reader Rage

Well it is Friday and you may be wondering where the week has gone, but it doesn't mean that you aren't happy about it. Also the same can be said about the new Hearthstone expansion. You don't have any clue what the meta is yet, but you are having fun playing it. What is funny though is every time I consider a Hearthstone topic for a Reader Post it happens to be someone ranting about something. Today is no different from Eloar who sent me a direct response to my C'thun post. Have a read.

I don't think C'Thun is particularly OP -- it kind of means you have to win by turn 10-ish. Obviously if he comes out, it usually means you lose -- but that doesn't necessarily make him OP.

With that said, I do hate the card, and I do hate standard. I hate that blizzard created standard as a way to keep the meta "fresh", and WotOG is the least diverse expansion released yet. There are way too many cards that have overt synergy. Standard feels dumb and simplistic in a game that was already suffering from dumb and simplistic mechanics.

WotOG puts on display the overwhelming lack of creativity blizzard has with respect to this game. Hearthstone needs more variation, and more interesting card mechanics. For example, having neutral cards restricted to being minions only is so boring -- classes are stale; if I play against any class, I am never surprised by the deck they play -- Hearthstone is stale, and it has been for a while.

A big part of the problem is card pool -- which is why I won't play much of standard; but another issue is the lack of variability a class can have. Anyway, these issues are largely known and discussed so I won't reiterate them here -- but we all know the issues, and nerfing a handful of Druid cards (and Leper Gnome?!) won't fix any of it.

I do think Hearthstone will continue to do well, though; in large part due to its mass appeal and the fact that it competes in a vacuum. 

If Magic The Gathering would put out digital content that didn't have an idiotic user interface, and if it wasn't developed by some garbage 3rd party, then maybe Blizzard would have to actually innovate. But until someone comes out swinging... I know I'll still play -- and so will many others that are tremendously dissatisfied and hungry for something else, but just accept blizzard's mind numbing nonsense as a means to satisfy our gaming wants

Well? Wasn't I speaking the truth? Maybe I just appreciate a good Hearthstone rage and complaint session every now and then. Or is that people just have this passion for Hearthstone that just isn't comparable. Who knows, but at least it is entertaining.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Twitch Bans

So over the last week or so we have been blessed with the news of a series of Twitch bans which have gone down for a variety of different reasons. Now the first thing that comes to my mind is that many of these bans are for people who are attention seekers. Then it gets me thinking of the people who are watching these streams and why.

When I watch a twitch stream it is either because the game they are playing is something that I may be interested in and want to get a feel. Could also be because I find the person streaming entertaining and worth my time, and lastly because there is some sort of tournament that I have turned in to watch. So then why are these people watching these streams just for an "accident" or an "incident" are these things entertaining to people? Why? Like it really makes me worry about civilization as a whole.

There are tons of streamers out there who are there for the better of gaming communities, people who want to have a good time with friends, or professionals who are trying to make ends meet the best way they can because they need to put the time in. These are the types of people twitch is for and all about. Not the attention seekers and the idiots. The people that are giving the streaming world a bad name because of what has happened in the last few weeks.

So when you decide to watch a stream do so for the right reasons. And not just because I think they are the right reasons, but because they actually are.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Don't Fight Here! You'll Ruin The Flowers!

Wednesday, which means it is time for a list. What list you may ask? Well if you were here last week you would already know the answer. I did the most fun cities to visit in the world of gaming. This week I said I would do the most iconic cities in the world of gaming.

5. The Citadel - Mass Effect

So you have a space station the size of a city. It is a marvel to look at and you don't even get to explore all of it. The music made you feel like you were there among all the alien marvels. Was just what a space city should be.

4. Origimmar - Warcraft Universe

Some may think Ironforge or Stormwind are more iconic, but I would beg to differ. They have the feel of any medieval city you would encounter in the case of Stormwind, and in the case of Ironforge it is what you expect to see in a Tolkien move come to life

3. Rivet City - Fallout 3

So it may take awhile to get there, but once you do you get to explore the hull of an ancient ship. It may be small, but the homage to Blade Runner and The Replicated Man is something which is always fun and never old.

2. Rapture - Bioshock

A city where anything you could possible imagine would have been a thing. Rapture's design is that of legends and I would really would have liked to be in the room when the concepts were revealed. This really is a design masterpiece and if it wasn't dangerous and the evil lair of Andrew Ryan it may have it number 1.

1. Midgar - Final Fantasy VII

Is there a city in gaming that basically everyone has heard of even if they have not visited? If people just know the iconic scene of a flower girl walking down the street or the man with a sword obviously way to big to use? Well that city is Midgar. The reactors, the slums, the market and obviously Shinra Headquarters. And who can forget it is all getting remade.

There you have it my list for the most iconic cities in gaming. What do you think? As always let me know agree or disagree one way or another.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

You Fail At Recognizing A Great Game City If...

Fail Day! Yes it is already here and you are probably wondering where the time has went to get us to here. For last week's list I picked which cities and towns I have enjoyed most in visiting whenever I play such and such a game. Now there are tons of people who where asking me to explain my choices and why I excluded such and such. So for this week's fail I decided to go with how some people fail at city choices.

You Fail At Recognizing A Great Gaming City If...
  • You believe NPCs are worthless
  • You don't listen to in game music
  • You don't realize the importance of an arrow to the knee
  • You don't think having a shoe shiner is a great thing
  • You don't related cities to epic in game events
  • You think a social aspect is completely useless
  • You don't pay attention to architecture
  • You play too much Minecraft
  • You don't know this city stuff it is all about the maps
  • Your idea of a great city depends on if you can block a mailbox
  • You don't like to explore the little things
  • You have no clue about the cities I listed in the last list

And Finally
  • You don't think this conversation is worth having

There you have it. This week's edition of fail hope you all enjoyed it and got something out of it in one way or another. 

Monday, May 2, 2016


Monday! Yes here we are yet another week has started. What are we to do besides waiting another week to end so we can watch episode 3 of Game of Thrones. Before you just focus on the week being over should check out the newest episode of Starcrafts by Carbot Animations. So enjoy!

So so true.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes your weekend is almost over, but look on the bright side it means the second episode of Game of Thrones is closer. It almost means you get to come here and see what questions I will be answering this week. I know it really is a big deal. We should get right to it.

Do you think anyone will ever think the remake of Final Fantasy 7 is better than the original?

Even if it is no reviewer is ever going to say it was. With older games that you played you tend to put them on a pedestal and believe they are untouchable. Do I think the original FF7 is a great game? Of course, I do. The problem is people will believe nothing can touch it and anything that is done to "change" it will be the worst thing in the world. It is why there was the uproar when the battle system didn't appear to be the classic turn based as was in the original. Even if FF7 was an amazing game and still is to this day, there are things in every game which can be improved no matter what, and this is the thing that nostalgia prevents many people from realizing.

In regards to your Reader Post, do you really think they are all going to die?

That was just something put forth that if the racial leaders of each faction in Warcraft were to die who would take over. It really is an interesting thing to think about. How the dynamics of the universe can change. As we saw in Cataclysm and Mists one racial leader change can have a massive effect on the world as a whole. I guess gaming and politics can mix afterall.

Will Ret Pally's get a pass from you in Legion?

Oh my sweet summer child.

There you have it this week's questions all there for you to see. Hope you all got something from it. As always thank you to everyone who sent something in, and remember even if I didn't get to it on here I will answer it eventually just give me some time.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend!