Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Don't Fight Here! You'll Ruin The Flowers!

Wednesday, which means it is time for a list. What list you may ask? Well if you were here last week you would already know the answer. I did the most fun cities to visit in the world of gaming. This week I said I would do the most iconic cities in the world of gaming.

5. The Citadel - Mass Effect

So you have a space station the size of a city. It is a marvel to look at and you don't even get to explore all of it. The music made you feel like you were there among all the alien marvels. Was just what a space city should be.

4. Origimmar - Warcraft Universe

Some may think Ironforge or Stormwind are more iconic, but I would beg to differ. They have the feel of any medieval city you would encounter in the case of Stormwind, and in the case of Ironforge it is what you expect to see in a Tolkien move come to life

3. Rivet City - Fallout 3

So it may take awhile to get there, but once you do you get to explore the hull of an ancient ship. It may be small, but the homage to Blade Runner and The Replicated Man is something which is always fun and never old.

2. Rapture - Bioshock

A city where anything you could possible imagine would have been a thing. Rapture's design is that of legends and I would really would have liked to be in the room when the concepts were revealed. This really is a design masterpiece and if it wasn't dangerous and the evil lair of Andrew Ryan it may have it number 1.

1. Midgar - Final Fantasy VII

Is there a city in gaming that basically everyone has heard of even if they have not visited? If people just know the iconic scene of a flower girl walking down the street or the man with a sword obviously way to big to use? Well that city is Midgar. The reactors, the slums, the market and obviously Shinra Headquarters. And who can forget it is all getting remade.

There you have it my list for the most iconic cities in gaming. What do you think? As always let me know agree or disagree one way or another.

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