Friday, May 27, 2016

Talking Overwatch

Friday, which means we follow the habit of it being time for a Reader Post. With that Overwatch is on a lot of people's minds. What I have also noticed as is the case with most Blizzard games is people tend to venture into genres they don't normally with their new games. So as some people aren't used to certain mechanics or gameplay styles you get questions about the game. Now with this week's Reader Post I think we get a lot of that, but also there is some good points as well so give Sajakain a chance and have a read.

Hey folks!

I just wanted to throw out some thoughts about the game and it's lifespan. 

Since this game has gone live I have accumulated 16 hours of gameplay, level 26, and some mediocre stats as my guildmates and I have taken this game on every single day (and most of the nights) since launch. Something that has already come up in our discussions is the fact that we've almost extinguished the game. (Don't get me wrong; we will still continue to play; I'm not complaining here... just opening up dialogue for conversation and ideas.)

We're getting stuck in a rotation and lull of the same 12 maps over and over again. It's well at the point that when a map comes up we know what heroes to play, where to go, what to do and overall we're pretty successful while having fun and creating some great memories to laugh at later down the road. This will not last forever, though. Even when competitive play comes into account it'll still be (at this point) the same 12 maps just with more (hopefully) organized play and higher stakes. Why do we keep playing right now? We're simply looking for those cool skins and sprays... but mainly the skins. :P What happens, then, when a person collects them all? What purposes would there be to play?

Some things we believe would greatly benefit this game and keep players coming back for potentially years to come:
Add new heroes. This doesn't have to be done every month; even every three months would suffice. It'd bring a change to the game that some players would enjoy.

Create a campaign? The lore alone in the videos and comics that has been released combined with the capabilities of Blizzard's story telling could lead to one hell of a campaign. If you must... follow suit with something Mortal Kombat has done - a campaign that the player switches heroes as the story progresses.

Here's the big one.... let the player base have access to a map editor. You cannot deny the success of titles that has this available in the FPS genre alone. Community-created content can add almost unlimited variety to keep players interested in logging in well after they've collected all unlocks for the heroes.

These are just a few ideas. Feel free to provide feedback and contribute to the conversation. Thanks for taking the time to listen.

Back to Overwatch. . .

Well there you have it some thoughts for the weekend!

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