Sunday, May 15, 2016

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes your weekend is once again coming to a close. I know it is hard to accept, but you have to get on the same page here. Sunday besides the obvious sadness that Monday is just around the corner is also the time for me to go through all the questions which have been sent to me throughout the week and pick some to answer on here. So while you are moping I will go ahead and do that.

How do you think Uncharted 4 ranks among the Uncharted games?

Uncharted 2 is one of the best games ever made so while Uncharted 4 is a great game it doesn't come close to Uncharted 2. Now all the Uncharted games are great games I think the ranking would put 3 or 4 as the second best game in the series depending on your preference of the stories of the games. As far as Naughty Dog should view this as a great thing because of the overwhelming support and great reviews the game has gotten from everyone around the gaming community.

So almost 10 million people played the Overwatch beta are you surprised?

Not really. New game which people where getting access to which is easy to jump into and fun to play. You can play solo or with a group and it is something that is always engaging and fun. There really is no reason to suspect anything different. Now if the numbers stay that high or higher when May 24th rolls around that will be something indeed for a purchasable game because really until recently there really hasn't been massive marketing for it. Maybe Blizzard themselves realized how much this game could take off.

Playing Legion beta?

Not as of yet. Really just haven't had the time yet.

There they are the questions for the week. Hopefully you all got something out of it. Thank you to everyone who sent something in if I answered yours on here or not. As always I will get to your questions eventually so please be patient and make sure you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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