Friday, May 13, 2016

Reader Review

Friday! Yes the weekend is on its way here and we are wondering what we all will be up to this weekend. Most of you are probably playing Uncharted 4 and enjoying it. Those of you not playing either haven't got the chance to pick it up yet, or have no interest in playing. If it is the latter than you probably should go back to playing Call of Duty and insulting someone's mother. As well all know CoD is the worlds greatest game in every iteration and nothing can compare to it in any way possible. Honestly though give your head a shake and play a real game. Moving on to this week's Reader Post from Marioparty17 which ends up being a user review of Uncharted 4, which I was taking seriously till the end, and then you will understand why I facepalmed. So enjoy!

Game end on a great note to every single person that enjoyed Uncharted games, but the game has the weakest set piece moments of all 4 games, I was expecting a Uncharted 3 but better, but I got a Uncharted 1 a lot of fan service too.

Story is actually very sensitive and not what you were expecting from trailers, but I enjoyed it a lot it tackled a lot of themes, and there a lot more "walk around and press x chapters "

Gameplay is refined to the core and very satisfying, you get those iffy moments, but it doesn't really attached to the immersion 

Open world segment are a blast but too short, they open up a lot but they feel more tacked on and feel underused 

Overall it a great game, but it disappointed me to say the least, maybe because it wasn't 60fps and didn't live up to what I was excepting, but don't let that stop you from buying it, I can see myself playing the multiplayer and replaying it time soon.

Well there you have it. Also read a review which talked about the game seriously until it had to mention the non 60fps part which in single player is not a problem since it is obviously smooth without it. Now as always this isn't to say 60 wouldn't be better, but it never once stated it would be so complaining about such things just makes you look like an obvious tool and troll.

Anyways, enjoy your weekend!

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