Thursday, May 19, 2016

Linear Is Not Bad

So I have got a lot of feedback on how some people don't think games with linear stories should be given the recognition that they deserve. I am here to state while some games give you choices of what you can do at any specific time there is in fact an order.

Now I know what you are thinking right now. You are thinking of specific examples when I am wrong. The fact is though I am not. There is a beginning middle and end to any story. You cannot do the end before the start and the middle is and always will be in the middle. Sure you have the "choice" to do specific things but you have to realize you can do those things but not the "choices" at the next section before you did this specific section.

Open world games give you the options that isn't up for debate, but for people to assume that the story progression of these games itself is not linear is really a load of crap. The important thing in any story is consistency and how it is developed. No one wants to watch a movie where it is all over the place. Except maybe a group of hipsters that would do it just to prove to me otherwise.

Stories are linear that is the way things are. Games don't have to be all the same way. Great games come in all different ways. People who realize this are the real gamers. People who can see variety as a great thing. If everything is the same it is boring there are no twists and turns and unexpected things that we all have grown to love as gamers. Think about that the next time you are going to complain about something and then if it is about Call of Duty then realize it is still ok to complain.

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