Friday, May 6, 2016

Hearthstone Reader Rage

Well it is Friday and you may be wondering where the week has gone, but it doesn't mean that you aren't happy about it. Also the same can be said about the new Hearthstone expansion. You don't have any clue what the meta is yet, but you are having fun playing it. What is funny though is every time I consider a Hearthstone topic for a Reader Post it happens to be someone ranting about something. Today is no different from Eloar who sent me a direct response to my C'thun post. Have a read.

I don't think C'Thun is particularly OP -- it kind of means you have to win by turn 10-ish. Obviously if he comes out, it usually means you lose -- but that doesn't necessarily make him OP.

With that said, I do hate the card, and I do hate standard. I hate that blizzard created standard as a way to keep the meta "fresh", and WotOG is the least diverse expansion released yet. There are way too many cards that have overt synergy. Standard feels dumb and simplistic in a game that was already suffering from dumb and simplistic mechanics.

WotOG puts on display the overwhelming lack of creativity blizzard has with respect to this game. Hearthstone needs more variation, and more interesting card mechanics. For example, having neutral cards restricted to being minions only is so boring -- classes are stale; if I play against any class, I am never surprised by the deck they play -- Hearthstone is stale, and it has been for a while.

A big part of the problem is card pool -- which is why I won't play much of standard; but another issue is the lack of variability a class can have. Anyway, these issues are largely known and discussed so I won't reiterate them here -- but we all know the issues, and nerfing a handful of Druid cards (and Leper Gnome?!) won't fix any of it.

I do think Hearthstone will continue to do well, though; in large part due to its mass appeal and the fact that it competes in a vacuum. 

If Magic The Gathering would put out digital content that didn't have an idiotic user interface, and if it wasn't developed by some garbage 3rd party, then maybe Blizzard would have to actually innovate. But until someone comes out swinging... I know I'll still play -- and so will many others that are tremendously dissatisfied and hungry for something else, but just accept blizzard's mind numbing nonsense as a means to satisfy our gaming wants

Well? Wasn't I speaking the truth? Maybe I just appreciate a good Hearthstone rage and complaint session every now and then. Or is that people just have this passion for Hearthstone that just isn't comparable. Who knows, but at least it is entertaining.

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