Friday, July 1, 2011

4.2 That It Be

Happy Canada Day everyone! Being a proud Canadian though and celebrating this holiday is not going to take away the fact that today is Friday and is time for the Reader Post. Yes, I know I am a trooper, and you can thank me for it later. So regarding the Reader Post, this week I asked everyone to send in what their favourite part of 4.2 was/is. Let's us get on with all of your thoughts

I really enjoyed the Thrall questline. It was first of all a really great way to show the connection between Aggra and Thrall. Secondly it involved not just talk to this or go get me some of this. It was all encompassing which is the way a questline such as this should be. Good job on Blizzard and extremely well done.

I liked how Stars used Blizzards own system against them to get the world first heroic kill by faction changing their entire guild. The question comes down to will Blizzard ban them for doing something that has been known about since the beginning of faction changes. My guess is no, but they have surprised me before.

The new daily hub. Maybe it is just me, but doing the same dailies everyday when I have no reason to do them anymore just for something to do while waiting for a queue is rather boring. At least now I have dailies although a minimal amount at first that I can do where I am actually achieving something and not just doing them to past the time.

Just going into the Firelands made it worth the wait. Blizzard did and excellent job of designing this zone and should be commended for it. Maybe it is just me and my anticipation of wanting to get into this zone since way back at Blizzcon when they announced it. I was not disappointed and was impressed more than I actually thought I would be to the layout and how well things seem to come together in there.

4.2 just came out and you want me to tell you what the best part is? Give me a few months and I will tell you but don't rush me to make a decision on something that is just a couple days old.

Thank you everyone for your submissions. As always sorry I couldn't include everyone's but I cannot let the post length get out of control as then less people would read it then already do. For next week's topic be sure to check out Sunday's Ask Gauss post to be able to partake in the next. Happy Canada Day and enjoy your weekend!


  1. Thrall hands down no contest

  2. Thrall quest line was brilliant. Also, the "conclusion" to the Hyjal portion of the new dailies took me by surprise.

    Happy Canada Day from Southwestern Ontario!