Friday, July 22, 2011

Daily Quest Love

So it is Friday, which means it is the Reader Post. I also don't know about you, but the heat her is intense beyond belief and makes me believe in the gods of air conditioning. This is why also today is a great day to talk about everyone's Favourite Daily quests because many will be inside finding things to do, maybe do some dailies? Anyways, let's see what you all had to say about your Favourite Dailies

Although the quest seems to be gone with 4.1. I loved the Plants vs Zombies Daily. Although it wasn't as awesome as the real game it was fun and mini games are always great. Here is my hope that Blizzard brings back this daily as I cannot be the only one who misses it.

Of all of the WoW daily quests, my favorite is without a doubt “Defending Wyrmrest Temple”.
If you aren’t familiar with it, this daily quest asks you to hop on the back of a red dragon and go burninate some blues who have overstepped their bounds. It ends with you dive bombing an entire dragonshrine. How is this not amazing in everyway possible?

Ever since I found it in terrokar forest my favorite has to be the spirit towers where you capture a tower and the reward it at least 200 honor points. not being much a pvp player it is a nice way for me to get those points though it will take months to get enough for a mount it is still fun.
During the Hallow`s End event when you have to stop the fires on the buildings in the starter type towns before the Headless Horsemen is able to burn them down. I just have always found this quest fun especially the whole run and fill the bucket thing going back and forth. Even more so how you can team up and have someone throw buckets at you and you can create this sort of line of tossing to put out the fires. Full of win and awesomeness.
Pygmy smashing. Is there any other quest really that compares to smashing Pygmies with a mallet? Like really there is nothing and never will be anything better. Whoever thought of this daily needs to be promoted to the greatest position Blizzard has to offer and then buy this guy or girl a crown and give them the title of king or queen of dailies.
The one in Grizzly Hills at Venture Bay when you ride the rocket and send it into a boat before it explodes. The best part is that you are riding a missile that is about to explode, like honestly how can you not think this is amazing?
There you have it. The Nation's take on Daily Quests. Thank you to everyone who sent in something as always sorry for all the ones that I didn't include. I still read them all. If you would like to take part in next week's Reader Post make sure you check out Sunday's Ask Gauss for next week's topic. Enjoy your weekend everyone

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  1. RIP Peacebloom vs Ghouls sad day indeed