Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You Fail At Making A Fake Blizzard Memo If...

Fail Day is upon us once again! Everyone's favourite day of the week. This week though I am not going to take aim at a bunch of people but at the people that released this fake Blizzard Memo about the new expansion. Here is the link of the memo if you haven't seen it Fake Memo. But time to have a little fun with it.

You Fail At Making A Fake Blizzard Memo If...
  • You don't but Blizzard's Real Address on the Memo
  • You think internal documents would ever say Activision Blizzard on them.
  • You think a memo would say "zing it back to me"
  • You ever think Blizzard will completely redesign Outland
  • If you think A'dal would ever pass over the fan base as the main Bad guy
  • You think saying anything like "neglected shadow priest class" would ever fly
  • You think anyone would ever believe a cheating and hacking site for finding a "leaked" document
  • You think Naga will ever be playable
  • You think there can be a Burning Legion expansion without a demon hunter hero class
  • You don't think obvious spelling and grammaticial errors are obvious
  • You ever believe Blizzard would admit to not being able to balance something
  • You just want to add rage to the fire by saying there will never be another Hero class
  • You don't find it odd that such a memo exists 3 months before Blizzcon 
And finally
  • Blizzard isn't stupid to allow something like this to be released
There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all enjoyed it. This week time to see how many of the top guys get some heroic kills I am guessing 3 at least by the end of the week.

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  1. For the people who believed that. I really hope you don't have or are planning to have children