Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ask Gauss

Wow it is Sunday already and I feel like the weekend just started. Regardless we all know what Sunday brings here time for me to answer a bunch of questions which you all have decided you cared to have my opinion on. So without going through some in depth explanation of how and why let's just get to it.

What is your Opinion on the Firelands Daily Hub?

Well I think Blizzard has finally got the whole daily quest hub thing right. They learned about having many people doing quests in a region all at once, they learned about mob tagging, they learned about respawns, and everything else you can think of. I think anyone who remembers the start of the daily hubs in Netherwing ledge, Skettis, or everyone's favourite Isle of Quel Danas. You know how awful those zones were in their prime with all of the things mentioned about and what you had to go through to actually accomplish anything of any purpose. So props to Blizzard on finally learning to make a daily hub that works on all accounts.

With all the cutscenes in quests now, do you think Blizzard has gone too far with it?

Not at all. I am a lore person so I enjoy this sort of thing. There is only some much imagination you can expect from people about how everything in a quest is accomplished while you were off collecting such and such. This way you feel more apart of everything and I would challenge you to find someone that preferred the old 1-60 leveling experience over the new 1-60 and if you did find someone that said they preferred the old version they are trolling you.

What is your favourite part of trade chat?

When it is filled with Pi

There you have it your questions answered for the week. Well at least the ones that I chose to on here. Hope you got something out of it. The next Reader's Post I want you to tell me about your favourite daily quest ever. As always you have until Thursday night to get them in. Enjoy what is left of your weekend

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  1. I just dislike when there is more cutscenes then actual quests