Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Hunt Is Finished???

So I know Monday is for Machinimas and that will always be the case unless something like this happens. Let tell you the Movie "The Hunt" by Fubarius is done. Yes, the movie everyone thought was lost after this last blog post in October 2008

I have been working on "The Hunt" since my last post on this blog. I have been very busy over the summer, but I've tried to find time to work on the movie. I'm starting to free up my schedule a bit and will start working on it more often now.

I know progress has been slow, but I've invested too much time into this project to give up now. This film will get done, don't worry. Thanks for being patient and giving me a reason to keep doing this.

Yes this was in 2008, now the movie has been completed by the surprise of everyone in the machinima community. I can tell you when I logged on youtube yesterday and saw the official movie trailer in my subscription box I was shocked, surprised, and overjoyed. Here is the trailer

All I can is that I am so excited to see this after such a long wait though I hope I haven't put it up so high on a pedestal that it is impossible to live up to. I doubt it though Fubarius movies have always been amazing in their production and presentation. I hope you all are as excited as I am for this.