Friday, July 8, 2011

Till Death Do Us Part

Friday! You know that day after Thursday and the one that comes before Saturday. Well that day is today! More importantly though Friday means it is time for the weekly Reader Post. This week I asked you all to send in who you thought would be getting married next in terms of Lore. So let's see what everyone came up with.

I think it is pretty obvious with Thrall off the market that Jaina and Varian will be getting together. The starting of this coming together are very apparent in the novel "The Shattering" where she is becoming very motherly to Anduin. Not to mention there to comfort Varian. I don't think we will see this happening this expansion, but I believe certainly in the next one.

Sylvannas to someone and I really have no idea who. I just know Blizzard has something up their sleeve with Sylvannas making her this big epic thing in the game at some point and this will happen. Could ever be that deathkight she took hostage to "correct" his thinking.

Sargeras and Azshara is my guess and this will be in the next expansion we will find it has already happened. They were destined to be consorts during the War of the Ancients so it only makes sense. Also because everyone seems to know who Sargeras is, but are a little behind in knowing who Azshara is so this gives us Blizzard the opportunity to showcase how powerful she is and not only them just telling us this by being the "big baddy" of the next expansion.

I think the next likely people to get married would be Aggra and Thrall getting re-married. You see they will have children Thrall will go back to the Horde and start ignoring Aggra she will want a divorce and then he will be all lonely because he doesn't have his family anymore because his kids don't like the big city and want to hang around with Mom in Nagrand. Thrall will then give up his job, his life, and everything else because that is what everyone women expects and they will get re-married. Yes I know it is a wonderful love story.

There we have it that is it for this week. Hope you all enjoyed it. If you want to take part in next week's Reader Post look for the next topic on Sunday's Ask Gauss post. Thank you to everyone who sent something in and enjoy your weekend.


  1. Lol that last one was the funniest thing I have read in awhile

  2. I would have to agree with jaina and varian seems like the obvious next step.