Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You Fail At Supporting Swifty If...

Happy Fail Day everyone, yes it is that day of the week again. This week though I decided to do a Fail Day on some current events. For those of you that didn't know anything about this I will show you a video directly from Swifty himself about what happened.

Let it also be known that yesterday he was unbanned, but regardless let's get to the fail!

You Fail At Supporting Swifty If...
  • You were one of the people spamming
  • You created a forum post every hour saying that Swifty was not causing community disruption
  • You just tell Swifty to buy another copy of WoW
  • You laugh at this without realizing the situation
  • You say good riddance
  • You keep telling Blizzard it is their own fault for having horrible servers
  • You think WoW will be better off without these professional gamers
  • You were one of the people complaining that your server crashed because of him
  • You think he was intentionally trying to crash a server as a joke or prank to everyone
  • You tried to create a toon named Swifty on his server when you heard about this
  • You are the GM named Daemhunn
  • You posted that this is a time for him to finally grow up and get a real job
  • You say well deserved, when you are one of the people who laughs when you spam emotes and disconnect people
and finally
  • Your name is Zybak
And there you have it this week's edition of fail. Grats to Swifty on getting unbanned. Make me think twice about bring a whole ton of people together as causing crashes might get myself into problems as well.


  1. Wow Blizzard really does do whatever they want. I think they realized how important this guy actually turned out to be in the popularity of their game

  2. What Mac said and I have heard that Razer bribed- I mean "Talked" to Blizzard for him