Monday, July 11, 2011

The Tuskarr and the Engineer

Yay it is Monday! See I tried to trick you all to think that you should feel good about it being Monday. Ok I'm sorry, but there is good reasons to be happy today you get to sit back and relax and watch a machinima I picked out for you all. Today I decided to pick a machinima which not only has great editing, but one that you can watch and not even realize who well the words have been put together. I challenge you all when you watch this to pay attention to how well the rhyming in the poem is. This is called the Tuskarr and the Engineer brought to us by the WoW Outcast Network the same people that brought us Ragnaros O's that you all loved so much. And before you ask yes there is the return of XT and Rotface. So without waiting any longer here it is.

Hope you all enjoy it. Had a good laugh, but also appreciated the work that went into this. Good luck on your last day before reset.


  1. wow when I firsty started watching this expected it to be much different than it actually was. Great work. thanks for sharing