Thursday, July 7, 2011

This Person Should Be Fired

So the new arena sets are out with the start of season 10. Now let me show you what the warrior set looks like.

So I completely understand that they want sets to look intimidating and rustic. Really that should be the goal for every PvP set. So I am completely fine with set except for one thing. Why is there pink flames covering the face? This honestly does this make any sense whatsoever? Yes, I realize that we have Bloodelf warriors now and they may feel more comfortable in this set more so than any other. This isn't a warrior set, that one addon completely ruins everything. Unless the goal for this set is that you will instantly be so distracted by this set that you break out laughing and then get destroyed in a matter of seconds. So really whoever designed this should be fired instantly. Not only for the pink fact, but also how are you supposed to see out of this when your face is on fire. Again no sense at all. How did this pass the drawing phase. This is honestly something you would draw when you are high as a kite and are on a binge. Thankfully though no other set is this horrible.