Friday, July 29, 2011

Suprise Bosses

Friday! Yes and the start of a long weekend here in Canada. We get Monday off because we are awesome like that. Yes, I know you are jealous. Today though is Friday not Monday, which means it is time for the Reader Post. Was an interesting topic this week. I asked you all to send in who you think will be the most unexpected boss in the final instance of this expansion. So really there is no real smooth way to flow into this so let's just see what some of you had to say.

I believe Rastakhan still has a part to play in this expansion. Yes he empowered the trolls, but that cannot be everything that he is coming to do in this expansion. After being out of the Lore for this long in the game and being a footnote would be pretty dumb. So I have no reason to suggest why he will be or how he will connect to everything, but I just have this feeling we will see him again.

I get this feeling that Sabellian will be involved in the Deathwing instance. His last surviving true son. This Expansion is supposed to have to death with all of the Black Flight so how could now really the only real member of it left besides that uncorrupted egg not be part of it. Either that or some how someway Sabellian will be the new Black Dragon Aspect. Guess only time will tell, but I would be in favour of either option always loved this character and loved his quests in Blades Edge.

Mal'Ganis I think would be a great boss to have to lead us into the next expansion. I am unsure how he would tie in but he did vow revenge against all of us. This I think could some how link the Old Gods and the legion. Something to think about I think.

I think they will do an instance like ruby sanctum again and this one obvious is going to have to segway into Azshara in some way. This is where I think we will see Neptulon as the boss we fight that will bring us that way. He will be some how be a servant to Azshara we will have to take him down before he can like engulf Azeroth full of water or something. This will also be a great way to end the whole Elemental Lords in one expansion and we will never hear from them again.

There you have it. As always thank you to everyone who submitted it is always very much appreciated when all of you participate. If you are curious about next week's topic be sure to look at Sunday's Ask Gauss post to find out the topic. Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. Who is Rastakhan? And what about Magatha?

  2. Kael'thas riding Anub'arak. Who would expect that?!?

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