Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You Fail At Celebrating Gauss' Birthday If...

Ah yes it is Tuesday, which means of course it is Fail Day. Today though is a very special Fail Day because it is also my birthday. So with that in I decide to compile a special Fail Day post for just this occasion and I hope you enjoy it.

You Fail At Celebrating Gauss' Birthday If...
  • When doing a heroic today you do optional bosses
  • Upon seeing a ret pally you don't immediately /facepalm and /lol
  • You don't make it a point to point out every TRH you see
  • You don't remember how to dive in water
  • You don't make it a point to learn something you don't know about Warcraft lore
  • You play Alliance
  • You don't visit Carine's grave
  • You have enough hit to hit a level 90 boss
  • You don't have a moment of silence for Pi
  • You don't smile when someone is selling a feeble sword for 2000g in trade
  • The name of Bagellord doesn't make you feel that much better about yourself
  • You put green gems in epic gear
  • You ride your turtle mount
  • You don't go to Grizzly Hills and have yourself an epic log ride
and finally
  • You had no idea today was Fail Day
There you have it. Hope you all enjoyed it. Have yourselves a great Free Loot Tuesday.


  1. haha Happy Birthday! I will be sure to not heal Ret Pallys in my heroic today just for you

  2. Happy Birthday and I will make Fail Day that much more special

  3. Happy Birthday Gauss.
    I have already proceeded to laugh at some Ret Pallys.