Friday, July 15, 2011

Most Memorable Lore Moments

So here we are another Friday, another start to what we hope is a great weekend. So what do we do? Well we start it off with the Reader Post. You know the post which is made up of your submissions on the specific topic. And what was the topic this week? Well I wanted all of you to send in what you thought were the best lore moments in History. Now since I just asked for descriptions and I got them. I did a little digging for the submissions and decided to add a quote from the specific time to make the moment jog peoples memory or get in the moment. So here goes.

Out of all the moments in Warcraft there is one that stands out in my mind and it is one which I believe many see as "the moment". The defeat of the Old Horde in Blackrock Mountain and when Lothar was slain. Turalyon stands tall in front of Orgrim and just let's it known that the fight is over and the Alliance has one. If Warcraft is ever made into a full length movie this is truly the moment that everyone would remember.

"You will stand trial for your crimes. You will stand in Capital City, in chains as the leaders of the Alliance decide your fate, and there you will acknowledge your full defeat. But you will not be so lucky. You will die here, with the rest of your kind, and this world will be rid of your taint forever!"

I am new to WoW never have read any of the novels, but I still believe the seen at the Wrath gate is better than anything else could ever be. Just the seen where you finally think there is going to be a fight between the Lich King and the forces of the Horde and Alliance as a team the Forsaken come and ruin everything and drive everyone to war with one another. Simply epic storytelling

"Did you think we had forgotten? Did you think we had forgiven? Behold, now, the terrible vengeance of the Forsaken! Death to the Scourge! And death to the living!"

Everyone always talks about the love Triangle and story  between Tyrande, Malfurion, and Illidan. I was always the person voting for Illidan. He always tried so hard to impress her and make her see that he would really do anything for her. Malfurion always doing things to help out everyone and not really truly recognizing what she was giving up to be with him. Yes, we do see in the Stormrage Novel that Malfurion decides to finally marry Tyrande. I just always wonder what would have happened if Tyrande had chose Illidan over Malfurion and how different and if not better the world of Azeroth would be. Also though the brothers themselves through thick and thin come to terms with themselves and realize that they are the two most important people in the survival for the world. I am so looking forward to the redemption of Illidan somehow and that he will return and the brothers can do what they were always meant to destroy Sargeras.

"Whatever I may be - whatever I may become in this world - know that I will always look out for you, Tyrande."
"We have had much strife between us, my brother. I have known only ages of hate for you. But, for my part, I wish it to end. From this day forward, let there be peace between us."

As an Orc Warrior myself how can stories of Lore go told without mentioning the greatest warrior in the history of the Orcs Broxigar. When he jumped through the portal and defeated countless demons that he in turn had to fight on a pile of them only to come face to face with Sargeras himself and actually wounded him. Before dying everyone should remember that the world itself is safe and sound because of Brox and his sacrifice.

"Farewell, wizard! It is my honor to have fought beside you and the rest!"

It is simple. When Grom killed Mannoroth. There is no moment more important or my epic in my mind then that. The one who began the curse ended the curse and forever saved the orcs.  He is the greatest hero the Horde will ever know and they should never forget that.

Grom: Thrall... the blood haze has lifted... the demon's fire has burnt out in my veins....I...have...freed...myself...
Thrall: No, old've freed us all.

There you have it. The Nations choice for the greatest lore moments in the history of Warcraft. Thank you everyone for all the submissions I read through them all as always and I am sorry I couldn't include every single one. Look for next week's topic on Sunday during Ask Gauss. Enjoy your weekend everyone.


  1. T2uralyon for life cannot wait till he is actually in game