Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You Fail At Guild Achievements If...

Fail Day! Yes that is right the greatest day of the week, or at least everyone's favourite. This week I decide to do a fail post in honor of the guild Intent who recently got to 2000 achievement points as a guild, being the first guild to do so. So here goes

You Fail At Guild Achievements If..
  • You are not in a guild group trying to do a guild achievement
  • You are wiping while trying not to on past expansions content
  • You don't loot every corpse
  • You buy all your raw materials from the AH
  • You do not do your fair share of questing everyday
  • You have professions which are not maxed
  • Everyone in your guild is a blood elf
  • You think reputation grinds are worthless
  • Your guild has more achievement points than your main
  • The sum of your character toons levels doesn't even equal a max leveled toon
  • You are the only member of your guild
  • You think PvP or PvE is stupid and a waste of time
  • You're a guild hopper
and finally
  • You are not in a guild
There you have it this week's edition of fail. In tribute a big congrats to Intent on their 2000 guild achievement points that is quite some dedication. Good luck this reset everyone and good lucky at getting your honor back for your gear.

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  1. damn 2000 guild achievement points that is insane grats to them on that