Thursday, July 28, 2011

Paragon's Heroic Ragnaros Kill Video

Now normally I don't post kill videos, but I really right now feel that this should be posted and not only referenced. Paragon killed Ragnaros on Heroic 2 full resets before anyone else. No one in WoW has killed a boss as a world first that sooner than another guild. Most frequently it happens maybe a few days or one reset at most before another guild. This is really showing how well Paragon is preforming. One thing also worth mentioning is that both Paragon and Method have stated that this is probably the most difficult encounter Blizzard has ever created. Sorry M'uru you after all these years have taken a back seat.

The video itself is 17+ minutes so make sure you have time. Now most PvE videos are generally very boring because they just overlay with music. This has the music, but also the sounds of the raid and most importantly the actual raid sounds. Once again great work Paragon and here is the video

Also I didn't mention it yesterday, but want to make a point of it today. Thank you to everyone for your birthday wishes. Taking the time to do that was quite appreciated by myself.


  1. Great video! I love the Ragnaros death animation pretty epic imo

  2. Open it in a YouTube tab/window and crank up the resolution for better viewing experience - it's worth it.

  3. Actually, Paragon killed Heroic Lich King 25 about a month before any other guild. But still, this kill video is so amazing; they seem to be so well-synced and they make it look as if this was effortless to them, despite having to 3 heal this.