Monday, July 4, 2011

The Gilnean Fallow

Monday is here and a happy 4th of July to all the Americans reading this. Monday though has its own tradition and that being time for machinima. Now one of my favourite Machinimators for story related machinimas is Melvenor. His way of putting a video together is absolutely perfect. The way he uses camera angles, music and everything else that goes into making a video. So after a long break from him making videos I was glad to see that he came out with his prologue to his next Faces of Cataclysm video "The Gilnean Fallow". If you haven't seen his other Faces of Cataclysm videos I really recommend checking them out. Here is the video I will tell you my thoughts about it underneath as to not spoil it.

This may really be the best Story machinima I have ever seen. Maybe because it contains one of my favourite speechs in the game to date. To think is just the prologue to the actual video is beyond amazing. This video actually kept me strapped to my chair watching. I almost think you could show this video to someone who knows nothing about WoW and they will be beyond amazing with the video. Amazing job Melvenor as always and thank you.


  1. Wow that was truly amazing and completely epic. Thanks for sharing

  2. Melvenor always has the most brillant and well put together videos