Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You Fail At Quiting If...

Well here we go again time for everyone's favourite day of the week, Fail Day. The day to sit back and realize that there are people who play this game that fail more than you. Or maybe even realize that there really is no one that fails more than you. This week I decided to dabble in the quitters and what they are amazing at. So sit back read, laugh, and enjoy.

You Fail At Quiting If...
  • You post on the forums saying that you are quiting each least once a week
  • Whenever something new comes out you say "This is going to be what makes me quit"
  • You thought you were actually quiting gave away all your stuff then came back 3 days later to realize you have nothing
  • You still have mobile guild chat installed on your phone
  • You refresh your armory page and wonder if anyone misses you
  • You watch the boss strat videos for the new patch just to "see"
  • You don't play anymore except on weekends
  • You get all gitty when your WoW magazine comes in the mail
  • You decided to play casually, then you decided just going to pvp, then decided you were going to raid 2 days, then 4 days...
  • You don't play but you are up to date on every detail no matter how minor
  • You brag to people you know your gear and achievement score like they are your greatest accomplishments
  • You still say brb bio every chance you get to make the transition easier
  • MMO Champion is your web browser's Homepage
  • You tease people with eternal happiness when you don't actually quit
and finally
  • You post on every gaming forum to say "this is why I quit this stupid game"
There you have it, this week's edition of failure. Hope you all enjoyed it. Good luck on the fresh reset, may all your drops be healing plate that no one needs.


  1. LOL so true I love it

  2. You fail at blogging if you can't spell check the word quitting

  3. You may not be informed but both are accepted as spelling. The american form does not recognize the "u" in quit as vowel therefore by grammar rules the tt is required. The British form recognizes the "u" as a vowel therefore by common spelling conventions doubling the final consonant is not required.

    So I am sure that Gauss and everyone else appreciates you allowing me to give this lesson in grammar