Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Models

So for all of you who haven't seen MMO Champions' post about the new models that are comming to WoW in 4.2 you are in for an amazing treat. I am just going to share a few with you, but make sure you take a look at them all and see what we are in store for.

Horde PvP mounts most likely fro mthe rated battleground achievements. These look amazing. If you want to see the Alliance ones go to MMO Champion because I refuse to link anything Alliance.

Fandral's model, and I always thought a druid would look crappy in there gear. I guess the solution is to set them on fire.

Lord Anthrycist's lava form. Pretty amazing looking although I am a bit confused how you could fight a boss made of molten lava. Other than that it looks cool.
Umm ya... Getting Rudolph cuteness nightmares as we speak.

Walking form of Ragnaros has been revamped. Looks much more intimadating then the orignal and that is obviously a great thing.

So this is just a few of them make sure you go check them out especially if you think these models are pretty awesome looking


  1. That little winged lion... is going to murder people in their sleep.

  2. Those PvP mounts look incredible

  3. Almost, but not quite, as creepy and scary as the singing sunflower!